Na`Vi matchday: 26 May, Tuesday


The Born to Win will encounter the Bears in a best of 2 match within Counter Pit League today at 20:00 CEST. We saw the last batlle of the teams at Gfinity Spring Masters II. The Poles defeated us on 2 maps, so it's high time for revenge. UkraineNa'Vi have been demonstrating confident performance, so let's hope they'll manage to defeat the wild rival!



Team squads:

Teslenko "Zeus" Daniil Ukraine
Suharev "Edward" Ioann Ukraine
Kostin "seized" DenisRussian Federation
Vasiliev "flamie" EgorRussian Federation
Kovasc "Guardian" Ladislav Slovakia
  PolandPaweł "byali" Bieliński
PolandFilip "Neo" Kubski
PolandJarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski
PolandJanusz "Snax" Pogorzelski
PolandWiktor "TaZ" Wojtas



The history of encounters of UkraineNatus Vincere and the Polish team encompasses several dozens of matches. Their matches are always interesting to watch, since the confrontation dates back in the times of CS 1.6. The match will surely grant us many emotions!


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