Na`Vi matchday: 8 August, Saturday


Two squads of our organization will play matches today. The HotS players will encounter International Fnatic at European qualifiers of WCA 2015, while WoT player will fight against Russian Federation LOL Team. The first game will begin at 16:00 CEST. Go, Natus Vincere!


16:00 CEST

World Cyber Arena 2015 Qualifier


Jerome «JayPL» Trinh France
 Alexander "AlexTheProG" Grumstrup Denmark
 Simon «ScHwimpi» Svensson Sweden
 ALeksandar «ethernal» Milanov Bulgaria
 Lyubomir «Splendour» Kozlovski Bulgaria


Sweden Pontus "Breez" Sjogren

Sweden Jonathan "Wubby" Gunnarsson          

France Thomas "Ménè" Cailleux

Switzerland Jaoquim «Lowell» Fitac
Italy Riccardo «Kesil» Archetti



The game against International Fnatic promises to be very interesting. As you know, our team's former player Sweden Breez along with the former coach Sweden Wubby joined International Fnatic recently. The fans didn't welcome the news about this transfer. As concerns the tournament, the winner of today's match will get to the final. So it is of prior importance for our team to defeat International Fnatic as they did yesterday: 2:0. Support Na`Vi!


20:00 CEST

WGL 2015 Gold Series Season I



Kirill "Kirilloid" Ponomariov ru
 Maxim "Inspirer" Mazein ru
 Dmitry "LeBwa" Palaschenko ru
 Oleg "Straik" Romanenkov ru
        Anatoliy "TheAnatolich" Barakov ru
 Andrey "Rhino" Les ua
 Dmitry "SL1DE" Frishman ua


Latvia Sergey «Stam_71» Kutuzov
ru Artem «UPS» Slojenkin
Russian Federation Nikita «NiKeR1» Rudnev
Ukraine Victor «NOnickNOskill» Shpakovsky
Russian Federation Artem «Pra1seTheSun» Kozlovsky
Russian Federation Mihail «MAXBET» Bunin
Russian Federation Pavel «DEDUIIIKA_PAVEL» Badich
Ukraine Maxim «FanatCyberSporta» Drobchuk



Russian Federation Natus Vincere's WoT squad continues its performance at WGL 2015 Gold Series Season I. This Saturday they'll have to fight against Russian Federation LOL Team, which takes the third place in tournament table. The match won't be easy, but our guys are well capable of gaining one more victory. Go, Natus Vincere!

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