Improve Medic, forbid Artanis


Dustin Browder spoke about the future of lieutenant Morales in Heroes of the Storm and disappointed all the fans of protoss.


In accordance to Dustin's tweets, the medic will soon be slightly improved. Having gained feedback on the recently introduced hero, the developers came to a sad conclusion: the medic rather impedes her team to win, than helps. In accordance to statistics, lt. Morales wins 2 of 5 games, being one of the weakest healers in the game. statistics of lt. Morales winrate 
It's notable that the longer is the game, the higher is medic's winrate. This means, that the main problem is the action of the hero in early game. A slight increase of health should fix this problem. As per moment lt. Morales' health is critically small at the first level. The increase of the health in the course of upgrade being small, the difference in hp of medic and other supports can reach up to 1000+ points.  


Another announcement is related to Artanis. The hero will be released on 27 October, followed by the first matches of the group stage of Heroes of the Storm World Championship finals. The hero will be forbidden at the tournament, which means the teams shouldn't rebuild their game on the basis of the new hero. On the other hand Rexxar will seemingly be allowed, notwithstanding the mechanics of his abilities and the pet of the hero still have bugs and mistakes.

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