Meet Na`Vi in the US, get 30% discount o




Do you know why DOTA 2 stars are better than dinosaurs? You can't meet a dinosaur when you are going for a walk, but you can actually meet a DOTA 2 star! USA, meet the champs - image Na`Vi.DOTA is coming.
image Seattle, Washington, August 31st - September 2nd, 2012
image Natus Vincere is going to the US.Are you ready?!
Being a longterm partner of Na`Vi, SteelSeries offers an exclusive discount of -30% for Siberia v2 Na`Vi Edition headset. Take your chance to get the branded headset of two-time World Champions for $69.99 only and join the universe of fast and furious DOTA 2: Buy the headset at with "NAVIUS" coupon and meet us in the US, Seattle!
"I've always found that the speed of the boss is the speed of the team", Lee Iacocca, Ford and Chrysler millionaire, once said. Be the boss, take advantage on the opportunity just before it expires on July, 1st!
PS: Discount is vaild for United States customers only.


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#1 23 June 2012, 18:02
Lost remind Chloe Moritz a little bit )
User Deleted
#2 23 June 2012, 18:03
User Deleted
#3 23 June 2012, 21:22
Got that photo of Chloe you are referring to? :D
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