Tips and Tricks: Mirana Jungle Guide


After the release of v6.86, players started theorycrafting and experimenting for different purposes, ranging from competitive and high-end MMR tactics to fun but very niche builds. Today we are going to examine how it is possible to jungle with Mirana, following a video guide proposed by Leafeator - probably you will remember him for his transgressive v6.84 Ancients Necrophos guide, which unluckily Valve blocked in the following patch. 
This “alternative” gameplay isn’t liked by everyone, but can be a powerful tool in the hand of an average Dota 2 player who tries to boost his MMR or simply wants to try something different. As a result of the lack of teamplay and mechanical abilities at low and average rank levels, the jungle Mirana can effectively bring more benefits to the team or at least to the player’s own gold. Is it really necessary to play a difficult roamer Mirana if the team lacks cooperation? Most of the times it will result in failed gank attempts or lack of gold and experience, wasting a lot of time without a real profit.
The jungle Mirana promises easy gold exploiting two changes introduced in v6.86: the new composition of the map (in this case the Radiant side) and the new effect of Sacred ArrowSacred Arrow, that now instantly kills the first unit it hits if it is a non-ancient creep. 
We will start the game with a Quelling Blade and some stats items, to increase our damage (a tango is not needed), then move to the ancient’s area and cut down some trees to improve our vision. Optionally, it would be great if a support of our team would provide us with a ward near the top river to prevent possible gank attempts - once the popularity of this build will increase, we will risk our life more and more. Even if we speak about jungle, in truth we will remain stationary in the ancient’s area.
Once the big camp spawn we can oneshot the big neutral with Sacred Arrow, kill the other creeps and stack the ancient camp at 53-54 seconds. We will repeat these actions until we have 3 ancients stacked and, at that point, jump on the cliff and simply kill them - prioritize the Ancient Granite Golem and the Black Dragon, because their auras will increase hp and armor of the other creeps. While doing it, we can also keep farming the big camp because it will respawn every minute. To speed up the process, it is essential to have some mana regen for our arrow and more damage to kill the ancients: the Ring of Aquila and the Phase Boots are the perfect items for our early game. You can continue farming until it is time to start helping your team - don’t be too greedy!
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