MLG presents free tickets to Major


Here's some exciting news for CS:GO fans! It all started with the Tweet of a famous caster Anders Blume: "Here is a dream of mine for future #csgo majors, each legends teams get 50-100 tickets that their fans can win to go to the major and cheer!"

That's a great dream for a prominent personality of CS:GO scene, which was supported by many fans all over the world! But what happened next seemed more like a miracle! The Vice President of MLG, Adam Apicella responded to the Tweet! Here's what he said: "@SirScoots @MLG we already plan to give each legendary team tickets for fans @OnFireAnders."

The head of MLG implied MLG Columbus 2016, at which CS:GO major will be held. The event will take place on 29 March - 3 April 2016 in Columbus, USA. The Born to Win were invited to this event as the finalists of DreamHack Cluj-Napoca. Therefore, if everything goes the way Adam Apicella stated, out team will get tickets for the fans of Ukraine Natus Vincere. They will be most likely raffled on our pages in social netwroks for our subscribers!


Now every fan of Natus Vincere will get a chance to attend MLG Arena

It is yet unknown, if the tickets give-away will be held for every CS:GO Major in 2016. As per moment only the organizers of the event in Columbus announced such opportunity. MLG Columbus 2016 will welcome 16 participants competing over the title and $ 250 000. All-Star match will be the crown of the event.

The first part of MLG Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship will be held in MLG Arena studio. The next part will be conducted in Nationwide Arena with 18 000 capacity. A special party for the fans of CS:GO will be organized by MLG during the event.


Source: Anders BlumeAdam Apicella.

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