«Monday Fails»: August


The last summer month brought a lot of new interesting stuff to Dota 2 universe, but, of course, there will always be the things that never change. Fails happen in most of the matches and are incredibly fun to watch. Official Natus Vincere YouTube channel has presented a few new episodes of “Monday Fails” series, and we decided to gather them in one article. Enjoy watching!



Undoubtedly, Earthshaker Earthshaker is a very powerful hero that can turn the tide of the fight on his own on every game stage. However, the situation featured on the video requires a bit more uncommon individual skills. The income that the player's got is worth separate mentioning: he became 1000 gold richer!



The next video features the whole collection of disastrous moves. You can see incredibly unlucky  Lina Lina (whose role is not that important for the video, as she did everything she could), missing  Venomancer Venomancer, and griddy  Centaur Warrunner Centaur Warrunner. Their terrible plays resulted in 3 kills for  Sven Sven, who managed to get much needed gold on early-stage.



The next video features either a very lucky Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend, or extremely bad plays of his rivals. The first option seems to be more likely closer to the end of the video. Anyway, the luck is an indicator of a skillful player, isn’t it?



Timbersaw Timbersaw is one of the hardest heroes to gank, as he has a ton of hp, lots of armor (thanks to the passive ability Reactive Armor), and the chance to escape with Timber Chain. This time though, he decided not to go away, and has dealt with his opponents with incredible coolness of judgment. 



Many players consider  Phantom Lancer Phantom Lancer  to be quite an unbalanced hero. The last video features the situation where he managed to demolish all ganking rivals without any problems, proving how strong he is. Even enemy's healing skills were no help!


Don't forget to send your own fail-videos, and maybe, we will include them in the next episodes of «Monday Fails»!

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