Monday Fails: November


November was a hard month with 5 Mondays. On the other hand, this means there were 5 episodes of Monday Fails! Let's recall them once again and have fun.


Monday Fails - How NOT to gank #52


Do you think you attack Legion Commander Legion Commander? You're wrong! Tresdin proved she's a true Legionary and passionate leader!


Monday Fails - How NOT to gank #53


Attacking Omniknight Omniknight, many players seem to underestimate his power: apart from healing Purification brings colossal quantity of pure damage! Purist Thunderwrath killed 3 enemies in a row! It's all about the purity, you know.


Monday Fails - How NOT to gank #54


Unsynchronized team play is one of the key problems in Dota 2. 54th edition of Monday Fails demonstrates the justness of this statement. Instead of getting rid of Juggernaut Juggernaut and his ward fast and clean, the Dire heroes ran away in different directions.


Monday Fails - How NOT to gank #55


It seems that the rivals of Storm Spirit Storm Spirit were bored with easy play. Otherwise it's hard to explain what exactly happened in this video...



Monday Fails - How NOT to gank #56


Trying to attack Phantom Assassin Phantom Assassin is not the best idea. Mortred is very mobile and dodges physical attacks effectively. Not only did she evade the persecutors, but she also assisted her team in eliminating them. Don't mess with that girl!


Send us the fails you've seen! They might get to the next episode of Monday Fails!


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