«Monday Fails»: September


The first month of fall is over. It has been very interesting indeed, considering all news that it brought to the Dota 2 fans: 6.85 update, the first details of the upcoming  major-tournament and a lot more. Anyway, we would like to forget about these things for a minute and focus on all September episodes of Monday Fails uploaded to our YouTube channel. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy!



 Necrophos Necrophos has undergone slight changes in the most recent patch, and became a bit more powerful. However, the first video of the episode above shows how strong he was even before the update. You will see him ganked by three relatively mighty heroes, but he didn't  even care!



Bristleback Bristleback is the frequenter of  Monday Fails series, since rival heroes often underestimate this character. This time, another cocky trio has been destroyed by his thorns. His Sunstrike dodge is worth separate praising! Who said that you don’t need to be skillful to play this hero?



The real fail-streak for Dire! First, four of them failed to kill  Techies that just used «Suicide Squad, Attack!», and then helped one of the main heroes of the rival team — Legion Commander Legion Commander make an Ultra-kill . How unlucky!



The hero of the next clip is also difficult to gank, like  Bristleback Bristleback . As you can see,  Undying Undying easily turns the tide of the game to his own advantage and made a great Triple-kill. Aghanim`s Scepter that is extremely beneficial after the recent update can be easily bought after such beautiful plays!


Don’t forget to send us the great fails that you witness. Maybe, your clip will be featured in the next  Monday Fails episode!


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