Driving the Monkey King out of business

The introduction of   Monkey King has added a new dynamic to Dota 2, especially coming just after a revamp to the map. With every change in Dota 2 new challenges rise; this time it comes in the form of a tree hopping fighter. New challenges ensure that you are constantly improving, so do not fear, we at UkraineNatus Vincere G2A have your back!

Who to Avoid


Let us start by having a look at what makes Monkey King such a fierce fighter. He is essentially a highly maneuverable melee ganker with a stun, slow, accumulative lifesteal and damage buff based on hits. The nature of Monkey King is to be an effective ganker, especially early game against jungling heroes that have low armor.


Heroes such as Alchemist Alchemist, Chen Chen and Enchantress Enchantress spend the early game in the jungle, therefore they are better to avoid picking if possible. As well as being a great initiator, he works very well to stop a potential gank, this is due to his stealth and vision through the treetops. So, try to not pick heroes like Pudge Pudge, Mirana Mirana, Crystal Maiden Crystal Maiden and Shadow Shaman Shadow Shaman. It becomes risky for early game gankers as Monkey King has a strong vision advantage and the ability to counter-gank. Remember that these heroes make their gold and levels from early kills, so failed attempts can be costly.


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Counterpicking - Tree Removal

The major downside to Monkey King comes from the same skill that makes him so strong:  Tree Dance. When a tree that Monkey King is standing on is cut down he is stunned for 4 seconds. This is great news for players that love Timbersaw Timbersaw, he naturally becomes Monkey King’s greatest counter. Timbersaw has low cooldown tree-cutting abilities such as Whirling Death Whirling Death and Chakram Chakram,as well as being highly maneuverable with Timber Chain Timber Chain which also destroys trees, therefore you can easily keep Monkey King fighting on your own terms.
Another popular pick is Batrider Batrider due to his Firefly Firefly ability; this allows you to minimize the amount of escape methods available for Monkey King. Windranger Windranger is also a viable pick - a highly maneuverable hero that can scout and knock down trees with Powershot Powershot. Windranger also has a lot of killing potential against a single target. Our final recommendation is Beastmaster Beastmaster, Wild Axes Wild Axes is a great way to knock the monkey from its heights. In addition, having a hawk allows superior treetop vision and an early scouting method to counter Monkey King ganks. There are a few more heroes not mentioned that have tree cutting abilities, but we recommend to try out those first.

Counterpicking - Tracking

The other method we recommend are heroes that can help track Monkey King. As mentioned previously, Monkey King has superior ganking abilities. Therefore, it is important to be able to scout out Monkey King, and keep track if he tries to escape. The first recommendation is Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter, while providing an extended method of scouting he also gives you the added bonus of  Track Track gold.
The next honorable mention is Slardar Slardar with his Amplify Damage Corrosive Haze, a great spell to provide true sight on Monkey King with the bonus of giving damage amplification. In addition, Slardar is a good hero for chasing with Sprint Guardian Sprint and keeping locked down with Slithereen Crush Slithereen Crush. Finally,  Spirit Breaker Spirit Breaker is a strong choice with Charge of Darkness Charge of Darkness, as well as having the ability to travel over trees while charging, he has high single-target burst damage.
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Effective Items

If we look at the items, there are a few that will help control Monkey King’s influence. Early game items that will assist with cutting down trees are  Quelling Blade Iron Talon and  Tango’s. These items are single target and rely on your team knowing where Monkey King is hiding. Monkey King is unable to use Tree Dance for 3 seconds after receiving damage, therefore an early game Orb of Venom or  Urn of Shadows will keep the spell on cooldown.
Mid to late game item choices would come in the form of silence or disable. Items like  Scythe of Vyse and  Orchid of Malevolence with progression into  Bloodthorn are viable in most types of matches, and allow the caster to keep the target defenseless. Both items can be used on the biggest threat in the match, so if you managed to shut down Monkey King early they are still useful. It is also really important to keep on top of warding as it will also play a significant part in the countering of Monkey King. 


This gives you a range of heroes to try out and give you a better chance of winning. If you are not confident with the heroes that are mentioned, you can also pick heroes that cast damage over time; damage over time, as stated previously, will keep Tree Dance on cooldown. However, it is a better option to use tracking and tree removal to gain an advantage. All offer a unique way of countering Monkey King, but, like all Dota 2 games, picking the right hero is only half the work. 
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#1 ro FenRoyEr 29 January 2017, 13:41
no mention storm spirit and position changer for his ult venge and pudge?
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#2 au jonnyrussian 30 January 2017, 15:26
I agree, Storm is a great pick but requires a large amount of item progression, the heroes mention tend to have built in ways of having an impact in the early game. Pudge and Venge have the same issue; strong spells but can easily be counter-ganked by Monkey King.
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