Month Summary: June


The first month of summer is over. June was full of many grand tournaments, which granted to Ukraine Na`Vi the happiness of victories and the bitterness of losses. Looking back, we can say that the beginning of the summer was successful for the organization on the whole. Anyway, analysis of the work and summary is always worth doing!




MDL was to become the first grand tournament in UkraineNa`Vi schedule after The International qualifiers, and the fans craved to watch the encounters of favorite team with Chinese and European top teams. However, unfortunately, the captain of the team Ukraine Ivan "Artstyle" Antonov couldn't get his passport from the Embassy in time. Such loss affected the performance of the team. All the more, the organizers allowed to take only the Chinese player, who didn't speak neither Russian, nor English, as a stand-in.



Having felt so many negative emotions, the Born to Win ended their participation in the group stage and left the League. The tournament was most unsuccessful fro UkraineNa`Vi. The fans and the team would rather forget it as a bad dream.




ASUS ROG DreamLeague

The next tournament was most interesting for all the Dota 2 fans. UkraineNa`Vi leaded by their captain were to encounter such well-known teams as SwedenAllianceRussian FederationVirtus.proInternationalBurden United, which have defeated our team many times before. The Born to Win not only performed great at the tournament, but also surprised the viewers, as few teams can now win 4 maps in a row against Russian FederationVirtus.proUkraineNa`Vi were one step from victory, but the guys couldn't push the enemy till the end on the last map and Russian FederationVP won. On the other hand, this result can be construed great as opposed to the outstanding losses of our team six month ago, when Na`Vi lost the matches against the teams of the second tier.





Enter The Storm #2

The first summer tournament, in which InternationalNa`Vi.HotS took part, was Enter The Storm - the online-tournament, organized by eSports website GosuGamers. The expectations were high, most analyst foretold that the Born to Win would surely get to the three best teams. However, these expectations didn't come true. InternationalNatus Vincere managed to get to top4 only. However, our team managed to show great result, having defeated many teams.




DreamHack Summer

DreamHack Summer was the first LAN-tournament of our HotS squad. It was a rehearsal before DreamHack Valencia, one of the main events of this summer. During this tournament InternationalNa`Vi once again proved that they own the "bronze" medal eligibly, taking the third place in the European scene of Heroes of the Storm.





DreamHack Summer 2015

CS:GO-squad began their path to the main tournament of the summer, ESL One Cologne, from DreamHack Summer, which many strong teams ignored. Anyway, for the Born to Win it was an opportunity to train with such teams as Sweden fnatic,France TitanSweden NiP. As a result Ukraine Na`Vi gained useful experience before LAN-finals of SLTV StarSeries, and won $ 6 000. Having gained third place, they defeated Sweden NiP and France Titan, but lost to the tournament's favorites - Sweden fnatic.




SLTV StarSeries S13 Finals

East or West, home is best! Ukraine Natus Vincere are always expected to win in Kyiv at SLTV StarSeries finals due to the enormous support of the fans in Kyiv Cybersport Arena. In the times of Counter-Strike 1.6, IEM6 Global Challenge Kiev was held on this scene. Then the players presented a hoodie of Ukraine Egor "markeloff" Markelov (who was the team's sniper at the time) and a possibility to raise a champion's cup with them to the most devoted fan. The support added so many strengths to the team, that the guys easily defeated the grands of the time: SwedenSK and Swedenfnatic. The fans know that Ukraine Na`Vi in Kyiv Cybersport Arena is a totally different team, that usual.



The last tournament in Kyiv was no exception. Due to the powerful support of the fans, the team managed to make outstanding comebacks, which thrilled the audience. Ukraine Natus Vincere came back to the game, when nobody believed in their victory. Encouraged with outstanding results of the group stage, Ukraine Na`Vi easily defeated UkraineFlipsid3 Tactics in play off and met FranceTeam EnvyUs in play off. This match was very emotional. The game was exceptionally entertaining on the fourth map - Inferno. The French were deemed to be the favorites here, and the fans were waiting for the fifth decisive map. However, the Born to Win decided to prove everyone that there are no favorites at all. They defeated the rivals in the series of additional rounds! Such powerful victory proved that Ukraine Na`Vi were close to winning the top of world's CS, all they needed was time!



Prestigio FIFA 15 Final LAN Cup

Unfortunately FIFA can't please the viewers with a great quantity of tournaments. More event organizers are refusing to hold the tournaments of this discipline in favor of shooters and MOBA-giants. Previously, the game was in the list of the disciplines of practically every grand world championship. The situation is much worse now. If a player got to a couple of LAN-tournaments, his year can be deemed successful. That's why the players have to participate in all the LAN-tournaments they can. Prestigio FIFA 15 Final LAN Cup was one of such tournaments. It was held in Kyiv in one of the largest club's of Ukraine - ASUS CyberZone. The most powerful players of Ukraine gathered there. The prize pool was 10 000 UAH. The result wasn't unexpected: UkraineYozhyk won and added one more title to the organization's collection!




General summary

June was quite successful for both players and the organization. The teams were working hard for the whole month and won the prizes. Moreover, many teams strengthen their positions in top3, which is great. We're waiting for new victories and achievements in July! Go, Na`Vi!

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