Redemption vote goes on!


"Redemption Vote" has been running successfully so far. And we've managed to get to the top 3 leaders due to your support. If the trend remains unchanged, we will get to the second stage. We are much grateful to everyone, who supports our team in these hard times. A website will be launched for you today. Browse it to find out everything that will be done for our fans in the nearest future.


As per moment the raffles of 10 items of Arcana quality are launched on facebookUkraineAlexander "XBOCT" Dashkevich is currently answering numerous questions of our fans at reddit. And this is just a beginning! Interview with UkraineArtStyle, AMA with UkraineFunn1k and many other cool things are ahead. Don't forget that the whole bootcamp will be streamed at, so you will obtain opportunity to follow the trainings of the team and the results achieved.


Each day from 14 till 19 April cool events for the fans will be held. Be sure, you will be entertained. Information about those events will be also posted on If you don't have an opportunity to buy compendium and support the team, you are most welcome to leave your comments with the words of encouragement. The best comments will be published on the website.



Why voting for Na`Vi?

  • This is the last chance of the team to earn the invitation to The International 5, and we will do our best, as we've never done before!
  • This is the first participation of Ivan "ArtStyle" Antonov at the grand LAN since The International 2011. The legendary trio is again in battle.
  • Between our matches we will break into the Russian and English broadcasting of the event. Due to us you will see duets, trios and quartets with well-known casters, apart from beautiful, amazing and exciting matches.
  • At The Summit 3 we will record the movie "Natus Vincere: The Rebirth" in cooperation with the author of Dota: The Community. Moreover Natus Vincere staff will make an amazing report at the event.
  • We were, we are and we will always be one of few teams that are capable to amaze you both in game and beyond it. A couple of unusual strategies are being developed specially for The Summit 3 right now.

The list of the bonuses for the fans:

  1. No more coubs!
  2. We will conduct another epic interview with UkraineIvan "ArtStyle" Antonov.
  3. On Monday we will start a contest for 10 Arcanas in social networks.
  4. Webcam-streaming of the bootcamp before The Summit 3 will be broadcasted on Everyone will know that we are training hard for the tournament, having gained the participation in the event due to your help.
  5.  Every day of the bootcamp before The Summit 3, one public game will be broadcasted on Twitch with in-game voice chat of the team. We'll see if the team won't lose to some random stack of players.
  6. TBA on 14 April
  7. TBA on 15 April
  8. TBA on 16 April
  9. TBA on 17 April
  10. TBA on 18 April
  11. JOYFUL STREAM ON 19 April ;)
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#1 ee AiRman 14 April 2015, 11:55
Vote for DaVi NaVi!
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#2 ca johnservo24 14 April 2015, 16:51
voted for navi.. glhf.. i hope that u can join TI5....
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