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A hero is generally banned because, in that particular situation, you consider him a good pick against your line-up. There are some heroes that are banned a disproportionate number of times during a patch compared to others. Usually, this happens when that hero is predominantly strong in the actual meta, your team doesn’t have enough practice or a proper tactic against him, or countering him requires a large use of resources that you can’t afford to spend in that particular game. During November, there were more than 300 drafts to analyze, so we have plenty of data to look at the three most banned heroes during this month.
Doom Doom is the most banned hero with a 70 % ban rate in v6.85 and 81.3 % in November. He has been banned 243 times and picked 51, with an average win rate of 60.8 %. He is very efficient in hard lane with 15 games and a 66 % win rate solo and 11 games and a 72 % win rate in a dual offlane. In contrast, the safe lane doesn’t seem to be his best position; pro players tried to play him in a dual lane 9 times with a 44 % win rate and 5 times in dual + jungler with a 20 % win rate.
The hero is well equipped to survive in the offlane. In v6.85, Scorched Earth Scorched Earth received a solid buff, increasing the damage and heal per second from 12/18/24/30 to 12/24/36/48. Valve soon realized that the buff was excessive and it has been reduced to 12/23/34/45 in v6.85b, but in our opinion, the skill is still too strong - he can easily withstand a lot of damage in lane and, at the same time, is able to harass his enemies. In the same patch, Doom Doom damage with an Aghanim’s Scepter also has been reduced, but the damage itself wasn’t the best reason to buy an Aghanim on him. You mostly get it when you want to disable the enemy’s passives. Of course, all the most popular builds max out Scorched Earth in the first 7 levels. The utility brought by this skill completely outshines the extra gold brought by Devour - to survive and even have a chance to win the lane are the priorities in hard lane.
The Blink Dagger is the most bought item on this hero, because he needs the extra mobility to have a chance to Doom the correct enemy during the teamfight. Tranquil and Phase Boots have been bought the exact same number of times; overall their purpose is different, but they share the extra movement speed which is necessary for the hero. Shiva’s Guard is the luxury item which has been picked the largest number of times, while we find the Aghanim’s Scepter and the Hands of Midas in just 15 and 18 games respectively, vs 51 for Shiva’s. About the Midas: it was surely a better pick in the past or with a jungler Doom, but in hard lane you can’t really risk your life anymore rushing this greedy item, or at least not most of the time.
 Dendi’s Shadow Fiend - English Commentary
In 2nd place, we find Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend with a 47.6 % ban rate during v6.85 and 55.9 % in November. He has been banned 167 times and picked 109, with an average win rate of 57.5 %. Of course, he is a solo mid-laner, with 68 games and a 58 % win rate - but, according to the stats, he was also played 39 times in dual mid lane with a 53 % win rate. The statistical tool utilized to determine the kind of lane probably considers a dual mid a situation any in which the SF received a lot of help from his supports stationed near the mid lane most of the early game for offensive (ganks) or defensive (anti-push/gank) purposes.
Shadow Fiend wasn’t affected by any change during the previous 2 patches, but 2015 has surely been one of the best years for this hero. Versatility, great pushing and farming ability (some stacks in jungle and he can comeback from a difficult lane), high damage in mid-game – he has all the qualities required to be successful in this meta, which punishes all the heroes that excel in just one thing.
The item build is very standard. We see a Bottle and a Magic Wand in almost every game as well as Power Treads in 109 games. Following, there are more core items such as the Black King Bar, the Sange and Yasha, the Helm of Dominator and the Mekansm (ranging from 40 to 70 games each). In the past, players used to build more Eul’s Scepters and Blink Daggers, but now they bought them just 1 and 22 times respectively.
Does Shadow Fiend deserve a nerf? It’s not easy to answer to this question, but if the meta remains the same in the next patch also, something must be changed, because he remains one of the most drafted heroes in competitive games and boasts a huge win rate. To make him less effective, we suggest reducing his strength gain (further decreasing his durability) or increasing Shadowraze mana cost (nerfing his farming speed).
 Dark Seer Team Wipe
Finally, in third place there isDark Seer Dark Seer. He has a 49.8 % ban rate in November and a 45 % win rate over 118 games. Overall the results aren’t so impressive if compared to the previous two heroes: a 42 % win rate in solo hard lane over 61 games and 41 % in dual hard over 34. He has also been played in other positions, but the number of games is really low; for example, he has a 75 % win rate in solo safe lane over 8 games. 
The Dark Seer build has almost no variety: initially a Soul Ring in lane followed by the Arcane Boots. Then he is forced to buy a Mekansm for his team, which will eventually be upgraded into a pair of Guardian Greaves. Blink Dagger is a core item in any game to be able to engage properly. These items are built in almost every game and situation. While he rarely has the chance to buy many luxury items, the preferred choice is the Shiva’s Guard, which can be used to slow down enemies after engaging with Wall of Replica Wall of Replica and Vacuum Vacuum.
Dark Seer didn’t receive any buff in v6.85, but in v6.84, IceFrog increased the duration of Ion Shell from 20 to 25 and increased the duration of Wall of Replica from 15/30/45 to 45 at each level, while also reducing its mana cost. This change increased the viability of his Wall in the early game. In fact, during v6.83, this ability was skilled at level 6 in less than 45 % of the games, while now it is used in almost 65 % of them. 
Credits: Datdota
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