The Most Damaging Heroes of 6.85



Today we are going to take a look at heroes that have inflicted the most damage during v6.85. To make a fair comparison, we're going to split them in two groups depending on their number of games. In the graph, "Damage" is the average damage inflicted onto enemy heroes, "Max Damage" is the average maximum damage inflicted in a single attack or spell use, "Heroes Hit" is the average number of heroes hit in each game.





Medusa gets the crown in this competition by inflicting as much as 15k damage x game on average. The result is certainly due to her Split Shot’s AoE damage that increases the number of targets hit with each shot up to 5 – this ability brings a 20% malus to her damage and any attack modifier is applied only to the primary target. In this patch she received a damage buff to Mystic Snake and the outcome is already visible, in fact this ability’s damage increased from 3148 during v6.84 to 3955.




The silver medal goes to Bristleback who reached almost 13.5k damage thanks to Quill Spray’s AoE. His ability affected 176 heroes on average, even more than those hit by Medusa, mainly because she focuses on farming during the early phases of the match while Bristleback is an early and mid-game stomper. Quill Spray can stack multiple times on the same hero and each stack increases the output damage, the base damage once the ability is maxed is 80 while each stack extra damage is 36 - with the actual cooldown and stack duration it can be stacked up to 5 times. His passive ability ‘Bristleback’ releases an extra Quill Spray once he receives a certain amount of damage from the rear - in v6.85 the release threshold decreased from 250 to 230 so now he is virtually able to produce stacks a bit faster. According to the data, compared to v6.84 Quill Spray’s damage increased by more than 4k.



Ursa is the first single target hero that we can find in the top list. In v6.85 Icefrog reduced his strength gain from 2.9 to 2.7 and his Fury Swipes damage multiplier decreased from 2.5 to 2, while the cooldown at lv3 has been reduced by 10 seconds. Even if he has more chances to use the ability twice in the same teamfight, the damage reduction overall is a nerf because the main purpose of this hero is to bring down as fast as possible the targeted enemy hero, so the extra damage was handy. There are just few games on the paper but at the current time the overall damage is almost the same of v6.84 while the max damage considerably decreased moving from 408 to 328.




Clinkz has a huge single target damage thanks to Searing Arrows, which adds as many as 60 damage to his attacks. Being a good ganker he has a significant impact over all the map starting from the early game. His mobility and early fights made him one of the most consistent heroes regarding the average damage. In this patch he received a small 5 seconds buff to Strafe’s cooldown but overall it shouldn’t affect him too much. An interesting fact is that Searing Arrow’s damage is listed separately from his auto-attack damage, the same method doesn’t apply to Ursa’s Fury Swipes, which is considered in the hero attack damage.


Drow Ranger


Drow Ranger is the last single target dps in the <30 games list. She received a small buff to Precision Aura, which should mainly affect the team while not increasing a lot of her own damage. The situation is instead quite different from what I expected and the damage increased from 7,848 to 11,710 while the max damage from 271 to 349. It is still early to declare anything but I think that the difference is a bit too big and the values will reduce once the game pool considered will increase.



Templar Assassin


Moving forward to the heroes with at least 30 games played during this patch we find Templar Assassin. Nothing changed in 6.85 and so her values are almost the same of the previous patch. Psi Blades has a different damage value so it is considered separately from the standard auto-attack, probably in the same way already explained on Clinkz. If we add the 2,027 damage from Psi Blades to Templar Assassin attack damage she could reach a total of 14,247 - increasing her rank up to the 2nd place, just after Medusa.




Spectre received some buffs in v6.85 but overall her stats are almost the same of v6.84, even slightly worse. The damage from each ability is considered separately so Illusion Damage should include only the damage inflicted by the illusions and, of course, the number of heroes hit is astonishing high considering how her ultimate works. After reading the patch notes many people agreed that in this patch Spectre could have had a chance to shine but until now it didn’t happen. In just a few weeks, she has been picked different times with a 40% win rate, while during the entire v6.84 she has been picked only 22 times with a 45% win rate. Finally according to the stats, Desolate inflicted 6.7k damage while Dispersion only 4.1k.



As one of the most played heroes during the previous patch, Gyrocopter has already been picked over one hundred times in v6.85. The nerfs received in this patch didn’t affect his damage output, which remained exactly the same. Of course, his average attack damage is high because he is able to hit multiple enemies thanks to his Flak Cannon’s AoE.




Slark is the second single target dps in this comparison with at least 30 games played. He didn’t receive any buff but of course his damage is pretty high thanks to Essence Shift, which can considerably increase his agility. He had a good start in this patch with a 62% win rate, while in the previous one he only managed to hit a 43%




Finally 10k for Windranger, which surprisingly didn’t receive any nerf to her Aghanim’s Scepter in v6.85. With Focus Fire she is able to inflict a huge physical damage to scale pretty well in late-game and the Aghanim’s upgrade is now mandatory to reduce the damage reduction to 0%. Personally I expected some nerfs because at the moment she is very versatile and works well with different line-ups, but overall her win rate isn’t great, just 46% in this patch.


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