Most Damaging Illusions 6.85

In Dota there are many heroes with the ability to create illusions, but have you ever wondered which ones are the most harmful? Today we will look at their average damage per game against enemy heroes in v6.85. In the graph, "Avg Dmg" is the average damage inflicted on to enemy heroes and "Max Dmg" is the average maximum damage inflicted in a single attack.
At the top of this list is Spectre Spectre, with an average damage of 12,182 and a maximum average damage per hit of 77. (This is totally off-topic, but usually new players think that this hero is a male, but she is actually a female called Mercurial). The hero is capable of creating illusions thanks to her ultimate, Haunt Haunt, which creates an illusion with 30% damage against any enemy hero on the map. With a 120 second cooldown, you might think that the actual damage inflicted against heroes isn’t very high. However, due to her global ability, she is indeed able to deal a huge quantity of damage in each game. Her illusions are also affected by her passive skill, Desolate Desolate, which adds up to 65 pure damage to her damage if Spectre attacks a target without enemy allied heroes in a 325 radius. Moreover, Desolate’s damage can’t miss.
Next on the list is Naga Siren Naga Siren with 8,428 average damage and a maximum average damage per hit of 40. Of course, if compared to Spectre, her illusions inflicts less damage per hit because they aren’t boosted by a passive skill like Desolate, but overall, she is still able to rank high in this chart due to the low cooldown of her ability. Mirror Image Mirror Image creates three illusions that last for 30 seconds, with a 40 second cooldown, so she is able to keep them up almost constantly. Naga Siren’s illusions have a different purpose compared to Spectre’s. The latter uses them in teamfights and to gank enemies while the former exploits them to split push the lanes and farm as fast as possible.
Dmitry "Ditya Ra" Minenkov already demonstrated  this week that Phantom Lancer Phantom Lancer can be very dangerous in the right hands. The hero is completely illusion-based; every skill can spawn or passively affect them. His ultimate, Juxtapose Juxtapose, gives him up to a 50% chance to proc an illusion on each attack, creating up to 9 illusions that will last for 8 seconds each. You can understand that, when attacking an opponent, all the illusions are always active and keep respawning - for this reason, the hero is well-suited for teamfights and can inflict a great quantity of damage. However, a Diffusal Blade is a mandatory item to increase the illusions’ damage, because they are among the weakest of the game with only 16% damage of the original hero.
Chaos Knight Chaos Knight is very close to Phantom Lancer with 4,667 average damage vs 5,078, but while PL has only 50 damage per hit, CK reached an astonishing 330. His illusions are, in fact, the most dangerous of the entire Dota hero pool because they can inflict 100% of the real hero damage. Phantasm Phantasm summons up to 3 copies of CK (with a 50% chance to summon an extra one). They last for 42 seconds and are a great surge of power for him. The downside is the 140 second cooldown, so you need to time them perfectly when joining the teamfight. If your team engages when your ultimate isn’t ready, you will be considerably weaker. Don’t forget that!
Morphling Morphling has not been a popular hero in this patch and 8 games aren’t really enough to understand the real power of his illusions, which have a very different purpose compared to the other heroes in this article. He isn’t an illusion-based hero, at least not with his Morph Replicate Replicate ability. Of course, if you buy a Manta Style, you can make great use of it because the hero can freely shift his stat points from strength to Agility and vice-versa, potentially creating illusions with huge damage or many health points.
Dark Seer Dark Seer and Shadow Demon Shadow Demon belong to a similar category. They use the enemy to create illusions under their control. Of course, the average damage per game won’t be very high because they can only use these spells in particular moments during the game, but we believe that it would be very interesting to study the amount of damage inflicted in each teamfight, especially in late game. Dark Seer’s Wall of Replica Wall of Replica can be a really powerful tool and could change the fate of the game, especially against a team with many physical damage dealers. From this point of view, his value is even higher in a pub environment, where there are usually many carries on each team.
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