Most expensive AWP skins


AWP, or the sniper rifle, is one of the most popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive devices. Of course, such a powerful weapon couldn’t do without skins that would make it look even more outstanding. Let’s do some research and find out which in-game skins are ranked as the most expensive and popular with the players. Note that the list does not include any souvenir weapon skins

5. StatTrak™ AWP | Lightning Strike («minimal wear»)



The very first in-game skin for the sniper rifle opens our list.  Nowadays, you can find only “factory new” and “minimal wear” versions of it. It is pretty expensive thanks to its "pioneer" status and a nice look. Besides, the device features the tracker of frags done with it, and therefore costs a bit higher. Calculations show quite a decent sum of money that makes “Lightning Strike” the fifth most expensive skin in our rating.


Price: $ 180


4. StatTrak™ AWP | Hyper Beast («factory new»)


In the picture: AWP | Hyper Beast without StatTrak™


After the rise of М4A1-S | Hyper Beast popularity among the members of CS:GO community, Valve decided to release an AWP that looks almost exactly the same. New skin has proved amazingly popular among players and fans of the game. Indeed, the weapon looks very sleek and is certainly worth its price. On the other hand, in order to get it you’ll need to use hundreds of keys to Falchion cases.


Price: ≈ $ 200


3. StatTrak™ AWP | BOOM («factory new»)




AWP | BOOM is the third most expansive weapon skin on our list. Orange base decorated with fragments of the comics looks very fun and creative.  It is the part of rare eSports 2013 collection. The price of the skin in the picture above is hugely influenced by StatTrek. The “factory new” StatTrak version of BOOM costs almost $ 300 higher than the one without it. 


Price:$ 380


2. AWP | Мedusa («factory new»)



Step by step, we are approaching the winner of our rating. “Medusa”, the device from Gods and Monsters collection, was presented in the end of May 2015 simultaneously with a Bloodhound operation. In fact, this device can be easily confused with analogous “Hyper Beast” weapons, as they all look extremely similar, except that  “Medusa” color scheme is a bit less bright. The weapon rarely drops in the game, and, unfortunately, can’t be bought on the market.


Price: ≈ $ 1300


1. AWP | Dragon Lore («factory new»)



The leader of our today’s rating is considered to be the most desirable weapon skin in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Great “Dragon Lore”. It was presented together with “Cobblestone” collection, released on 1 July, 2014. The skin depicts a fire-breathing dragon, and reminds all players of de_cbble map that served as an inspiration for this masterpiece. In fact, the number of successful “Dragon Lore” crafts as well as its drops in cases has increased recently. Valve will most likely pay their attention to it soon and decrease the chance to become a happy owner of such a great device.


Price: ≈ $ 1400

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What do you think about such expensive Counter-Stike: Global Offensive skins? Do you have any of those above mentioned? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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