MSi Nvidia Trophy - Day 1 Coverage


Day 1 of MSi Nvidia Trophy will start very soon! Today we will have a chance to watch a lot of pro  League of Legends action, as the teams will battle for a place in tomorrow's finals! We will keep you up to date with the results, streams and everything else regarding the tournament and our team. This will be the first offline event for our League of Legends team, so show your love and support for the guys, it will be much appreciated! 


Also, we would be more than happy, if you would join a discussion about the tournament HERE. Tomorrow, before the finals tomorrow, we will give away some forum GOLD! 


If you are a League of Legends fan, there are plenty of reasons to hang out with us today and tomorrow and make the tournament even more interesting. 





English stream by Panky


French stream with Kobs & Shure





[22:33] - Na`Vi.LoL is out of the tournament, losing to Eclypsia 1:2. 


[21:50] - Na`Vi.LoL is currently 1:1 versus Eclypsia. Third game just started and it is streamed on French stream.


[19:07] - Na`Vi.LoL won their first game in Loser Bracket.


[18:07] - Na`Vi.LoL game will be streamed on the French stream now.


[16:45] - Sadly Na`Vi.LoL lost to image Sypher 2:0 and they dropped to Loser Bracket. 


[14:54] - Quarter finals of WB and Round 1 of LB is starting now.


[13:17] - Na`Vi.LoL won their first game and are continuing their way in the winner bracket.


[12:16] - The first games are starting!


[11:42] - The tournament should begin shortly. There have been a few issues with the server.









Loser Bracket Round 4 (Bo3)


image MYM [2:1] image Eclypsia


image Millenium [0:2image CLG.Eu



Loser Bracket Round 3 (Bo3)


image Na`Vi [1:2image Eclypsia


image LDLC [0:2image Millenium



Winner Bracket Semi Finals (Bo3)


image Sypher [2:1] image CLG.Eu


image AL [2:0] image MYM 



Loser Bracket Round 2 (Bo1)


image Na`Vi [1:0] image Taupe Hello


image LDLC [1:0] image R?action


image Eclypsia [1:0] image eXtensive


image Millenium [1:0] image HEROES



Winner Bracket Quarter Finals (Bo3)


image Na`Vi [0:2image Sypher


image CLG.Eu [2:0] image Ecypsia


image AL [2:0] image LDLC


image Millenium [1:1] image MYM



Loser Bracket Round 1 (Bo1)


image Overmind [0:1image R?action


image Art Chaos [0:1image HEROES


image PLAN-Rnar [0:1image Taupe Hello


image Grr !! Community [0:1image eXtensive



Round of 16 (Bo1)


image AL [1:0] image PLAN-Rnar


image LDLC [1:0] image Taupe Hello


image Millenium [1:0] image Grr !! Community


image MYM [1:0] image eXtensive


image Na`Vi [1:0] image Overmind


image Sypher [1:0] image R?action


image CLG.Eu [1:0] image Art Chaos


image Eclypsia [1:0] image HEROES





Sunday 8th of April

[~11:00 CET] 1/16 Loser bracket Bo1 + 1/16 Winner bracket Bo1 

[~13:00 CET] 1/8 Loser bracket Bo3 + 1/8 Winner bracket Bo3

[~15:00 CET] 1/4 Loser bracket Bo3 + 1/4 Winner bracket Bo3

[~17:00 CET] 1/2 Looser bracket Bo3 + 1/2 Winner bracket Bo3


Monday 9th of April

[~13:00 CET] Small final Bo3

[~15:00 CET] Grand final (Bo5 or Bo3)





  • 1st Place:  4.000? + 5 Graphic cards MSI GeForce® GTX 560Ti
  • 2nd Place: 2.500?  + 5 Motherboard cards Z68A-GD55(G3)
  • 3rd Place: 1.500? 
MVP of the tournament: a gaming laptop MSI GT783
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