MSi Nvidia Trophy - Day 2 Coverage


Today is the final day of MSi Nvidia Trophy. Winner bracket finals, loser bracket finals, 3rd place match and grand finals will be played today. First game in the winner bracket finals is starting soon, so make sure to tune in for yet another great day for League of Legends. 


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image Team Sypher wins the tournament! Losing only one map throughout the entire tournament. Congratulations to Team Sypher for an excellent performance and a pleasent surprise to most of the community. 


1st place: image Team Sypher


2nd place: image Absolute Legends


3rd place: image Counter Logic Gaming EU


MVP: image Sypher Moopz





English stream by Panky


French stream



Preview of the Grand Finals


image         vs    image
The teams
image Team Sypher  image Absolute Legends
image Lounet (support)  image Angush (solotop)
image Kikis (solotop)  image Malunoo (jungler)
image Moopz (ap carry)  image extinkt (ap carry)
image Lyumi (ad carry)  image Sleper (ad carry)
image ImSoFresh (jungler)  image Xinec (support)


Sypher is definitely a pleasent surprise in the grand finals, especailly because they went through a lot of team changes lately, and they have not practice that much with the current lineup. Not many people expected Sypher to get to thegrand finals, beating Na`Vi, CLG.Eu and AL on their way, with an excellent performance. Their newest players, Kikis and ImSoFresh have been doing exceptionally well. Kikis had to switch from jungle to top lane and step into Skyyarts shoes, which can not be an easy job. ImSoFresh joined Sypher just a few days before the tournament and his jungling has been top notch. Of course Lyumi, Lounet and Moopz have not been slacking either. Sypher might be the favourite in the grand finals, because they already won versus AL and they will feel confident to take the win in their home ground. Not to mention that they only need to win one game, as they won winner bracket finals.


AbsoluteLegends came into this tournament as one of the favourites, but they unexpectedly lost to Sypher 2:0 in the winner bracket finals and dropped to loser bracket. In the loser bracket finals they won won versus CLG.Eu 2:1. The first game that they won, they were behind in gold, but managed to win the game with good teamfights. The second game was quite different, they had a huge gold advantage, but some of the players got cought a few times and resulted in free baron for CLG.Eu. Even with CLG.Eu having baron, they were still ahead in gold and won a crucial teamfight in the end and finished the series 2:1. The games were very exciting and I am sure that the grand finals will be
very entertaining aswell.
I would say that Sypher will win the grand finals 2:1.



[18:05] - Team Sypher wins the tournament!


[17:03] - Grand Finals are about to start!


[16:27] - AL is the second finalist!


[13:25] - Loser Bracket Finals: first game should start soon, players are getting ready on the stage. 


[12:20] - Sypher is the first finalist.









Grand Finals


image Sypher [2:0] image AL



Lower Bracket Finals (Bo3)


image AL [2:1] image CLG.Eu 



Winner Bracket Finals (Bo3)


image AL [0:2image Sypher



Loser Bracket Semi-Finals (Bo3)


image MYM [0:2image CLG.Eu





  • 1st Place:  4.000? + 5 Graphic cards MSI GeForce® GTX 560Ti
  • 2nd Place: 2.500?  + 5 Motherboard cards Z68A-GD55(G3)
  • 3rd Place: 1.500? 
MVP of the tournament: a gaming laptop MSI GT783
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