Unsuccessful return of MTW


As we all remember, recently legendary players Denmarkzonic and Denmarkminet announced that they are returning to the competitive Counter-Strike and are eager to get to the top once again! However, after a month of very frequent streams and participation in some small tournaments, nothing was to be heard about the new players. So, what was going on with these guys in the meanwhile? The answer is simple: they were looking for sponsors to revive once great team, GermanymTw.



As most of Counter-Strike 1.6 followers know, this team used to be one of the best or, maybe, even the best team in the world. They have played a ton of matches, some of which became legendary, and some of which were against UkraineNa`Vi. However, with the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive release, the guys from GermanymTw decided to end their gaming career. The organization managers have attempted to bring the team back to life by signing young and promising squads, but it was all in vain and GermanymTw has never taken off to the CS top again.



After a while, when the fans have already forgotten their idols, the Danes decided to revive the organization on their own. They even managed to find a sponsor, however, he or she cut off the communication in the very last moment. And this is what Denmarkzonic wrote on his facebook page.



After such a bitter blow, boys decided to give it up and end their CS:GO career without even starting it. However, DenmarkOliver "minet" Minet, who is 23 years old, is still ready to continue playing, despite all the past and future difficulties on his way. Though, unfortunately, this might be the sad end of the great GermanymTw.



We would like to end this article with a tribute clip to DenmarkmTw:





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