MYM Prime Nations #3: Ukraine defeats Ro


Tonight at 19:00 CET image Na`Vi.DotA players will be defending Ukraine's pride in MYM Prime Nations #3 match versus Team Romania. This nation can be considered as the tournament favorite as they placed second on European Nations Championship'09 DotA. Hopefully it was Ukraine who scored the first place so tonight we're looking forward for spectacular and entertaining match.

UPDATE: image Ukraine wins with 2:0 score and will face Serbia in the next round.

Comment by Team Ukraine teamleader image Ivan 'ArtStyle' Antonov:

Team Romania has been playing together for a long time, since they all were in image TeG. That means this is a dangerous opponent for our team but I hope we'll be able to outplay them both individually and teamwise. This time I will be joining the ranks of our lineup and I believe we can make it 2:0!


The match will be broadcasted on myMYM by image Shift teamleader image syndeRen while image Vitaliy 'v1lat' Volochay will be running a Russian stream.


Team Ukraine lineup:

image ArtStyle (Captain)

image Dendi

image Axypa

image Go[blin]

image XBOCT

image Amsi

image Moelie

image Matrica

image Mag~

image Deff-

image DkPhobos

Team Romania lineup:

image pparasel

image IeCEWEME

image bONE7

image Freezer

image S0ny4ce

image RushMePlz

image Ly0n

image GoGoasu

image Ro-Coco


Match starts today at 15:00 CET!

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User Deleted
#1 10 April 2011, 20:30
Go ROMANIA, you deserve to be THE BEST!!!
User Deleted
#2 10 April 2011, 22:25
UKRAINE!!! FK gypsies!!!!!
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