[UPDATE]: ArtStyle will miss MarsTV


We've got some sad news for you. Our captain Ukraine Ivan "ArtStyle" Antonov won't be able to participate in the matches of MarsTV Dota 2 League's group stage.


Now Ivan is in Kyiv. He'll be able to join his team during the play off at best, if UkraineNatus Vincere will be able to get to the play off. As of now our team will have to play with a stand-in player in the group stage. It might be a Chinese player.
Natus Vincere will play in one group with the following teams:
  • InternationalTeam Secret
  • ChinaLGD
  • ChinaiG
  • ChinaCDEC
The first matches of MarsTV Dota 2 League group stage will be held on 4 June. Getting to the play off without the main player and the captain requires a miracle. Let's hope that our team will manage to unite and take at least the fourth place in the group, which will enable us to pass to the play off.
[UPDATE]: Comment by Ukraine Igor "caff" Sidorenko:
"I want to shed light on situation that Ivan "ArtStyle" Antonov couldn't make it to Shanghai in time. The closest schedule for our DotA2 squad was to attend MDL event in Shanghai and DreamLeague Season 3 in Jonkopping before TI5. For this we succesfully applied for Chinese visas, but since the time gap between the tournaments is a few days and two of our players didn't have Shengen visas  we applied for them as well right after. Both of them had to be issued not later than May 29th. But for some reason the embassy didn't return ArtStyle's passport with visa in time. The possible time to get it is June 4th so Ivan would be able to join his teammates only on June 5th. This means that Ivan misses the group stage for sure and we had to use the stand-in player.
We told MarsTV about our issue and they contacted all the participating teams of MDL to know whether or not NaVi can use a standin and then possible use ArtStyle if he somehow makes it to the main event. All teams agreed. By the rules we can’t find anyone that is playing the main event or was involved in the Chinese league of our event. With the help of Association of Chinese eSports (ACE) MarsTV helped us with this issue. The sub for group stage was the player of Energy Pacemaker Gaming  Luo Tao.
We want to thank MarsTV team, ACE and all the teams attending the event for understanding and help that they provided"


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#1 cn Cheng 3 June 2015, 20:00
Why choose EP.Lt as substituted player of Artstyle?I know EP played pretty good in TI5 Qualifiers in China.I like them and expect a unconventional Na'Vi,which has a young Chinese player!
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#2 br Zapathasura 3 June 2015, 21:45
Oh Captain, my Captain!
.Twisha DM
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#3 ph .Twisha DM 3 June 2015, 22:31
who will replace our drafting god ?
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#4 ph theGifted 4 June 2015, 07:46
Dont forget that Na'Vi Artstyle have a Teamates. Dont Worry, they Got This :DD GO NA'VI !!!
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