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So The International 2012 - the biggest Dota2 tournament - is over and despite the 2nd place, overall it went pretty good for us. Being the only European representative in the Top8 we managed to outplay all the Chinese teams and got into the Grand Finals after the tough groupstage performance. While we were not able to defend the title this year, the loss in the final will come as a priceless experience for all of us, motivating to put even more efforts into A-Gaming that championships of such level require.


All video content by Na`Vi at The International 2012 is avalable on our official YouTube channel. By the way, there are over 1000 videos there, which should be you place to stay if you are searcing for Na`Vi videos! 


Today we'd like to share with you our plans and schedule for the nearest future. This will concern both video schedule, and tournaments agenda.


Useful links:


The Offficial Natus Vincere Twitter
The Official Natus Vincere STEAM group
The Official Natus Vincere group
The Official Natus Vincere Faсebook page


Tournaments we plan to attend. Below you will find the dates for the tournaments our gaming squads are planning to attend. This list is not the final one so updates may happen. On a side note we want to say that our Dota2 have an invitation for image ESWC Grand Final, however no information about the event except dates has been released yet. 



Na`Vi.CS Na`Vi.Dota 2
September, 29th - Techlabs Kiev 2012
October 20-21st - DreamHack Bucharest 2012
November, 22-26th - DreamHack Winter 2012
Not confirmed - PGS Porto CS 2012
December - Asus Final Battle of the Year 2012

November, 1-4th ноября - ESWC
November, 22-26th - DreamHack Winter 2012
Not confirmed - WCG
Not confirmed - Asus Final Battle of the Year 2012



Videos we plan to release soon. In the next week or two we are planning to release the following videos:


- Our office and bootcamp zone video review
- New episodes of the "DaBoss Show"
- ZeroGravity blog on The International 2012 and Valve
- Gaming hardware review by Natus Vincere players
- Gaming PC video review and introduction
- New episodes of the "Markeloff's Summer Secrets"
- Even more videos!


Do not forget that we always listen to your comments and feedback, so feel free to write us at: info { at } !


What's more? During The International 2012 we farmed Secret Shop and got a bunch of stuff worth over $400 that we plan to give away in our social networks, various raffles and contest. So follow us in Twitter, YouTube, Steam, Facebook, and get a chance to grab that awesome TI items!.


Image is clickable!


There are also limited edition couriers available for giveaway and some Dota 2 beta keys.. The first prize - Dota2 beta key will be given away in our video that will be released on our channel. The beta key will popup as annotation which means that you have to watch the video first. To do so, it's worth subscribing to our YouTube channel. Good luck!

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User Deleted
#1 9 September 2012, 19:40
"Our office and bootcamp zone video review"
can't wait for that XD
User Deleted
#2 9 September 2012, 20:19
Shed some light on whats the team plan about CS:GO..
User Deleted
#3 9 September 2012, 21:21

We haven't discussed it yet, will follow in a week or two
User Deleted
#4 11 September 2012, 05:17
Thanks for the news but I have one question, why do you write "not confirmed" in the date of the PGS Porto tournament? The dates are confirmed, October 11-14.

I guess you write that because is not confirmed your invitation.

User Deleted
#5 11 September 2012, 13:37
iG capitalized on a huge mistake by the organization of this year's TI2. The winner bracket teams should have had a 1-0 advantage in their games against loser bracket teams, just as they had last year, so iG wouldn't even get in the Grand Final, it would be LGD vs NaVi again with NaVi leading 1-0, then let's see who would have won it.
P.S. ChuaN is the biggest pig in the world.
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