Natus Vincere at Curse DotA2 Invitationa

The organizers of Curse DotA2 Invitational made some changes to the tournament table removing Natus Vincere without notifying the management of the team. We have contacted the organizers today in order to find out the reasons behind such ruling. Read more.

The matches will be held in a double elimination format. The winner will get $5,0000 while the runner-up will grab $3,000, and the third place finisher will be $2,000 richer. All matches will see the Best-of-3 format.

Lower bracket finalimage RoX.KiS [0:2] image Dignitas

Superfinalimage Team Liquid [3:0] image Dignitas

Upper bracket:

 image Natus Vincere [2]      

VOD #1VOD #2

 image Natus Vincere [2]    
 image Qpad Red Pandas [0]      

VOD #1VOD #2

  image Dignitas [0]  
 image Evil Geniuses [2]      
   image Evil Geniuses [0]    
 image Dignitas [0]      


image Team Liquid
 image Mousesports [2]      


 image Mousesports [1]    
 image RoX.KiS [1]      


 image Team Liquid [2]  

 image Team Liquid [2]



 image Team Liquid [2]    
 image Team Empire [0]



image Natus Vincere: XBOCT, Dendi, Puppey, Kuroky, Funn1k
image RoX.KiS: BzzisPerfect, Dread, Solo, Yol, Vanskor
image Team Empire: Blowyourbrain, scandal, mitch, twista, LightofHeaven
image DD. DotA: Goblak, Silent, socks, funzii, 7ckngMad
image Mousesports: Fata, Black, Pas, qojqva, Synderen
image Team Liquid: FLUFFNSTUFF, korok, bulba, ixmike88, TC
image Dignitas: Fogged, Aui_2000, Waytosexy, Universe, Sneyking, Tidesoftime
image Evil Geniuses: SexyBamboe, Fear, Demon, Bdiz, Jeyo

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