Natus Vincere at EMS One finals: Day 2

We present you the coverage from the first day of EMS One finals which is taking place in Katowice, Poland.

In the coming days, best European teams will fight to find out who deserves the title of the champion as well as the substantial amount of money. will provide you with the coverage from the site as well as the all necessary information about the event.

Play-off :
 image Rat in the dark [0]      


  image Absolute Legends [0]    
 image Absolute Legends [2]      


image RoX.KiS [1]  
 image RoX.KiS [2]      


image RoX.KiS [2]    
 image DD [0]      


 image Mousesports [2]      


image Mousesports [0]    
 image Alliance [1]      


image Natus Vincere [1]  
 image Fnatic [0]      


image Natus Vincere [2]    
 image Natus Vincere [2]
Time - CET




Useful links:

image Natus Vincere: XBOCT, Funn1k, Dendi, Puppey, Kuroky;
image RoX.KiSBzzIsPerfect, DreadiSbaCk, Solo, VANSKOR, yol
image Absolute Legends: Mania, Migel, Ryze, unicornxoxo, miracle;
image DD: BABARRR, BLR, Little94Brother, Penivauxois77, FuckingMad;
image Fnatic: Era, Fly, H4nn1-, Notail, Trixi;
image Mouz: Alex-, BlackDragon553, Fatality-, paS-, qojqva;
image Rat: Buugi, Itake, JerAx, lapiz, sifla, spin;
image Alliance: AdmiralBulldog, Akke, EGM, Loda, s4.
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