Natus Vincere will play without ХВОСТ

Right after The International 2013 which brought the second place for Natus Vincere Dota 2 lineup, rather a tense situation formed has in the team which ultimately passed to the community. The result of the tournament in Seattle can not be considered as a failure, because the team’s getting into the grand final was a virtuous circle for us though the loss in the game which was almost won has broke down the team spirit and made a destructive atmosphere in the lineup. 

For nearly two weeks the management of Na `Vi and its players were making long discussions in order to make a decision of what to do. Today we can finally reveal this information.

An existing internal conflict had been successfully resolved; Alexander “XBOCT” Dashkievich apologized for his remarks about his teammates. The Dota 2 lineup of Na `Vi won’t be changed and will continue its existence with the same players.

Comment by Alexander “XBOCT” Dashkevich: 

“I would like to apologize to my teammates for my statements. We had a little conflict in the first game of the final. Despite the fact that we had settled it right there, a bad feeling has still remained. I’m very emotional person and sometimes I regret about it. I am very pleased that we were able to find common ground and the team will remain in the current lineup!”

XBOCT is currently on a one week vacation. As official training and participation in the new leagues/tournaments allow of no delay, a temporary replacement will be made at this period. In a week Gleb “Funn1k” Lipatnikov will leave for vacation, he will be replaced as well. Who specifically will help our team during the absence of the players is still unknown, though the replacement is temporary and required. Global changes in the lineup aren’t foreknown.

Na `Vi.Dota 2 lineup is as follows:

image Clement "Puppey" Ivanov (c) 
image Daniil "Dendi" Ishutin 
image Alexander "XBOCT" Dashkievich 
image Gleb "Funn1k" Lipatnikov 
image Kuro Salehi "KuroKy" Tahasomi

The schedule and participation table of the team in the next tournaments will be posted later.

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