Natus Vincere disqualified from Curse Do

The organizers of Curse DotA2 Invitational made some changes to the tournament table removing Natus Vincere without notifying the management of the team. We have contacted the organizers today in order to find out the reasons behind such ruling.

As it turned out, one of the players told the tournament representative that the team will participate in a show-match in Minsk on 18th of May during TECHLABS 2013 which will make Na`Vi's presence at Curse DotA2 Invitational impossible.
Today we have highlighted the fact that no player of Natus Vincere can take responsibility for its participation (or lack thereof) in any event. It's clear that the team will be able to play from Minsk, especially when we factor in the time frames for the matches: the game at TECHLABS will be played in the first half of the day while the rivalry against Team Liquid is scheduled late in the evening.
Currently, the management of Natus Vincere is waiting for the decision by the organizers of Curse DotA2 Invitational which will be announced as soon as it's made.
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