A one-year path: Na`Vi.HotS in 2016


In late April 2016 Natus Vincere G2A Heroes of the Storm team was disbanded. However, we still can mark the results of the Born to Win in the title. It's time to summarise the year of our presence in Na`Vi.HotS.


The year began with the Heroes of the Storm team getting into European reshuffle that started after the World Championship. For a while the Born to Win didn't manage to establish the stable team of players. From early January to late February the team almost completely changed its squad, so the new season was quite the challenge.




The first trial of the team was at the qualifiers of the spring championship. InternationalNatus Vincere.G2A made three attempts to qualify for 2016 ESL Heroes of the Storm Championship: Katowice. Twice they were very close and finally succeeded. Leaving mYinsanity and The Sandwich Monkey behind, InternationalNa`Vi with Virtus.pro gained two last slots at the event.


Before Katowice the guys played at Enter The Storm: Europe Cup #4. InternationalNa`Vi were to encounter all the strongest teams of Europe. The practice was just what they needed. Our team was considered a favourite in group A and met the expectations winning 4 maps and 2 matches and taking first place in the group. In the playoff we encountered The Sandwich Monkey twice and Team Liquid once. These were the key plays. Both teams fought for the top places among the best European teams. InternationalNa`Vi managed to walk along the upper brackets of the tournament and win it. They faced the difficulties only once as they had to fight 5 maps in the grand final and the match was really hard.




As concerns Katowice, our team was in group A along with mYinsanityTeam Dignitas and Epsilon eSports. The group wasn't very hard. Of three rivals only Team Dignitas was dangerous. Previously the games against this team had become the impediment for the Born to Win many times. InternationalNa`Vi was played the first match against Dignitas and lost it. The guys managed to win the next match against Epsilon eSports, and again were to play Team Dignitas that had unexpectedly lost to mYinsanity in a match against the first place in the group. The second encounter with Dignitas was also lost. As a result InternationalNa`Vi.G2A took 5-6 places and lost their chance to get to the spring world championship.




After the poor performance in Katowice, the team gained a one-month break. We used the time for both practicing and working with the roster. At the time DenmarkMartin "Crozzby" Rugh left the team. InternationalNa`Vi.G2A invited two stand-ins and began practicing to the first qualifier of the new tournament. The team took 3-4 place in the first qualifier and demonstrated a fair performance. They also didn't manage to win the second qualifier and finally succeeded at the last one, gaining the last slot at summer regional championship.


One week later InternationalNa`Vi participated in DreamHack All-Stars — Tours 2016 qualifier. The team made it to the final and gained one of the two slots at the tournament. What was most important we finally managed to defeat Team Dignitas in the semifinal. Such result gave confidence to our players in their forces before Leicester tournament.




The Born to Win got to death group at 2016 ESL Heroes of the Storm Championship: Leicester. They had to encounter Team DignitasFnatic and The Sandwich Monkey. The group consisted of the best European teams. Only mYinsanity got to group А. Unfortunately Katowice scenario repeated in Leicester. InternationalNa`Vi.G2A fought Fnatic twice, losing both times. Once again they took 5-6 place and had to leave the tournament.




These losses had bad consequences. Natus Vincere.G2A made decision to release its HotS team. Having lost two seasonal championships the team practically left behind the large tournaments. The performance at the minor events was nothing compared to that of Blizzard.


After the disband the former InternationalNa`Vi players continued playing together under the title of teh89. The team played until late July and having taken third place at DreamHack All-Stars: Tours 2016 and 5-6 place at DreamHack All-Stars: Valencia 2016. Then the team disbanded.


The results of NATUS VINCERE HEROES OF THE STORM team in 2016
Place Tournament Tournament status Venue city Date Prize pool
top 5-6 Europe — Summer Regional UK Leicester European tournament United Kingdom Leicester 22.04.2016 - 24.04.2016 $ 7 500
top 1 DreamHack All-Stars — Tours 2016 Qualifier #1 Online qualifier   16.04.2016  
top 5-6 2016 HGC — Spring Circuit EU Regional European tournament Poland Katowice 05.03.2016 - 06.03.2016 $ 7 500
top 1 Enter The Storm: Europe Cup #4 Online tournament   11.11.2015 - 21.02.2016 $ 6 000


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