Na`Vi way to HWC: Europe victory


In a couple of weeks, the final stage of the first World Championship of Heroes of the Storm will begin. Having passed the qualifiers stage and won the regional championship, our squad gained an opportunity to challenge the world's best teams in a battle over the champion's title. What was their way to the victory at European Championship?



Our team perform very well at July qualifiers. Notwithstanding the Born to Win began their performance with loss, they managed to get through the lower brackets all the way to the Grand Final and defeat one of the Europe's strongest teams — Germany Team ROCCAT in the final battle. This tournament was the first grant competition for our renewed HotS squad. It proved that the reshuffle in the team was only for good.



International Natus Vincere participated in the Open tournament for the second time. Taking into account, that they've won the slot in Prague's tournament, the event wasn't decisve. The team participated in it with a view of training with powerful European teams. Again, our players got to the lower brackets, where they were defeated by International Team Dignitas in a small losers final, which brought them to the fourth place in the tournament.



The performance of our squad at European regional finals has become the most remarkable event of the tournament. International Natus Vincere defeated all the rivals and took first place, haven't lost a game. The map pool was very "rich": covering all the battlegrounds but one (Garden of Terror). Great job guys! And fine reward:


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