Natus Vincere are champions of Europe!


The European finals of Heroes of the Storm World Championship — Road to BlizzCon ended with a glorious victory of our squad! In the intense fight, the Born to Win have managed to outplay their rivals  International Team Dignitas  with a 3:0 score.


Our team has started its way to the victory from the first place at 2015 HWC — July Europe Open, which was the first qualifying round for the European finals. Even though their participation started from defeat back then, the guys have managed to compose themselves and destroyed all teams on their confident Lower Bracket way. In grand-final, they encountered Spanish Spain Team Liquid. The match ended with a 4:1 score in favor of our guys, and so they became the champions of open tournament and secured their place at Europian finals.



All summer, all of them were practicing hard to reach their best form for the regional finals. In September, they have gathered together on bootcamp to master all their skills and work on some strategies. The seeding part was a bit unlucky for the Born to Win, since they've got into the so-called “group of death”, and had to battle against the best European rosters in order to advance to playoffs. Nevertheless, their group stage performance can be described as "blistering", “confident”, and certainly “unforgettable”. Two quick victories over  Sweden Pirates in Pyjamas and International Team Dignitas secured their first place in the group.


Group B matches determined the semifinal opponents for International Natus Vincere. These were the Poles from Poland Gamers2. The rivals were very strong indeed, but the match didn’t last long. The Born to Win have managed to take three quick wins and advanced to grand-final without a single loss. In the grand-final, our roster once again encountered the guys from International Team Dignitas. Ex-Bob’s desire to get revenge was certainly not big enough to clinch the win over International Na`Vi. The fight on the first map was more or less even, but the next two games were extremely one-sided. Thus, Natus Vincere have conquered the title of the European champions along with a $ 40 000 prize! 


Na`Vi.HotS roster


Denmark Alexander Grumstrup  «AlexTheProG»

      SwedenSimon Svensson               «ScHwimpi»         

BulgariaAleksandar Milanov  «ethernal»

Bulgaria Lyubomir Kozlovski    «Splendour»

           FranceJerome Trinh                    «JayPL» 



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