Na`Vi holds top1 of Gosugamers' ranking


Our Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft squad was formed not so long ago, however, today it holds the top 1 of ranking. Apart from our Na`Vi.Hearthstone the top5 teams are Cloud9NihilumArchon и Complexity. This ranking is based on an averaged ranking of each player. Therefore the achievement is a merit of all the players.


It didn't take much time for the Born to Win to become number one. The squad was formed a week ago on the eve of the final stage of the qualifiers of the European Finals of Hearthstone World Championship — Road to BlizzCon. Denmark Hoej and Sweden Ostkaka were playing in the upper brackets. The Swedish player managed to defeat all the rivals and pass the qualifiers with no lost match. However, the Dane made his fans nervous when he got to the lower brackets. Unfortunately Germany Xixo didn't manage to pass the qualifiers. However, his past achievements make them top 12 of European players.

Top 1: Ukraine Natus Vincere

Germany Sebastian "Xixo" Bentert
Sweden Sebastian "Ostkaka" Engwall
Denmark Frederik "Hoej" Nielsen

Rating of gosugamers:

Rating of gosugamers:

Rating of gosugamers:

Europe's No 12

World's No 27

Europe's No10

World's No 21

Europe's No 2

World's No 5


 United States Cloud9 is top 2:

  • Ukraine Kolento • Europe's No 4 • World's No 8
  • United States StrifeCro • North America's No 6 • World's No 15
  • Germany Ekop • Europe's No 22 • World's No 51


International Nihilum holds top 3. The best player of the world according to gosugamers — Netherlands ThijsNL.

  • Netherlands ThijsNL • Europe's No 1 • World's No 1
  • Germany Lifecoach • Europe's No 3 • World's No 7
  • Poland Lothar • Europe's No 34 • World's No 80
  • Romania Rdu • Europe's No 55 • World's No 113
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