Natus Vincere is looking for a Rage of T

image Natus Vincere is looking for a Rage of Titans squad that is capable to maintain the high level of our well-respected CS and DotA teams. Rage of Titans was released just recently but has already managed to gain high popularity among gamers and e-Sports enthusiasts all over the world. 
So if you or your friends are playing Rage of Titans you have a unique chance to become a new part of Natus Vincere organization! We are here to expand the borders and develop professional e-Sports market so add your contribution to the mission!
What we offer:
- Professional teammanagement;
- Providing the best gaming accessoires by SteelSeries;
- Salary;
- Organizing travels for international events (upon additional agreement);
What we require:
- High level of professionalism and responsibility;
- Impressive Rage of Titans gaming skills;
- Willing to become the best in the field;
- Strong social skills and teamwork ability;
- Your application sent to
What should you write in your application (please keep to the following standard):
1) Full name, age, current occupation of all 5 players + teammanager, if any;
2) Short story about the team: creation, current activities, plans, etc;
3) How many hours per week do you practice;
4) Team achievements;
5) Few words about why Na`Vi should choose your team over all other applications.
Good luck and we are looking forward to your applications!
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