Natus Vincere at Copenhagen Games 2013.

Hi, guys. Today, our CS:GO team (Zeus, Starix, Edward, Markeloff, ceh9, caff and prb) is heading to Copengagen to take part in Copenhagen Games 2013 on Friday, 29th of March.

Our team already played CPH last year, but the title was CS 1.6. It's different now, including the prize pool, so the stakes are higher. What’s common for both events though is the players, as there aren't too many new faces in professional eSports these days.

We will discuss all of this later, but for now we will give you some interesting information about the event.

We met AdreN from at the airport. It was less expensive for him to take the same flight as ours (Kiev - Amsterdam - Copenhagen). Dauren told us that his team booked a hotel before the tournament (there are a lot of them around that area), but there might be some problems with the computers. It's worth mentioning that current Copenhagen Games are quite similar to Dreamhack with the presence of a BYOC-qualifier. The main event will see a list of invited teams, including Na`Vi and VP. Nevertheless, all participants have to make sure they find their own computers to play on in CPH. On one hand, it's good for the team to get accustomed to particular computers and play on them during the rest of the tournament. On the other hand, there are a lot of disadvantages to this.

Firstly, one can easily get the worst configuration by being late while the quicker opponents may grab some Intel Core i7's. Last time, Na`Vi played on laptops. As you can see, because of this poor thought out organizing, the teams risk getting bad conditions before the tournament even begins. The second aspect to consider is that those computers cost money. For example, Na`Vi had to pay about 720 EUR to book 5 computers for 2 days. Of course, you can always bring your own computer, but it's only really efficient for the local teams to do so. I'll let you calculate how much each team pays -  just don't forget to factor in the 400 EUR fee for every squad (even the invited ones). eSport is a cruel thing.

Talking about Na`Vi's chances, I can tell you from my own observations that the team can definitely take down mid-tier teams, but it's hard to predict how things will play out against top rosters like NiP,, ESC-Gaming and VeryGames. Many believe that NiP will finally slip and their winning streak will finally end. At the same time, Fifflaren told that his team doesn't feel like giving away a map at all.

Don't forget that this tournament is the biggest CS:GO event to date, both in terms of prize money and participating teams. Like Zeus said, "everybody's gonna be there". I assume that it's quite possible for some average team to make an unexpected shot while the big boys will be tackling each other. For example, there will be a team from the United States. Nobody really knows much about these guys.

Here's an interview with  image Daniil «Zeus» Teslenko before the tournament:

The first photos will be added to the site soon. Next time I will tell you why a player from Kharkov took some cabbage with him to Copengahen.

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