Natus Vincere at CPH Games 2013


CPH Games 2013 will begin today. You'll find all necessary information about the event below.

  • Number of attendants: 32 teams;
  • Dates: 29-30 of March;
  • Prize pool: €33 000 (16 500, 8 000, 4 000, 2 000, 750, 750, 500, 500);
  • Format: Group stage (Bo3), playoff (upper bracket – Bo3, lower bracket – Bo1);
  • Map pool: de_nuke_se, de_dust2_se, de_inferno_se, de_train_se, de_mirage_go (elimination);
  • Video-stream: No info at the moment.


Interesting fact: teams who will place third and fourth in their groups will go to a special tourney which won't interfere the main event with the teams who will place first and second in the groups. The victory in that side event won't reward the winner with anything.

Schedule of Na`Vi's matches:
29.03 10:00 CET image Natus Vincere [x:x] image BX3
29.03 13:30 CET image Natus Vincere [x:x] image Epsilon
29.03 17:00 CET image Natus Vincere [x:x] image Fnatic
Useful links:
Invited teams:
  1. image Natus Vincere (Edward, Starix, Ceh9, Zeus, Markeloff)
  2. image Nostalgie (Overdrive, Hooch, Ed1k, Evil, Flame)
  3. image Virtus.Pro (AdreN, Dosia, Fox, ANGE1, kucher)
  4. image NiP (GeT_RiGhT, forest, Xizt, Fifflaren, friberg)
  5. image Western Wolves (Kevz, MSL, nico, Nille, pimp)
  6. image Copenhagen Wolves (device, fetish, cajunb, 3k2, dupreeh)
  7. image Fnatic (Friis, Stringer, Moddi, traceb, Xyp9x)
  8. image n!faculty (Asmo, cYa, kirby, smn, tesla-troppeR)
  9. image Alternate (igor, krystaL, rak, mnl, solek)
  10. image Mousesports (approx, karrigan, nooky, Zonixx, troubley)
  11. image Fm-Esports Toxic (nEiLZiNHo, Whindanski, smF, BARBARR, socN)
  12. image Anexis (rattlesnk, mx, weber, re1ease, prb)
  13. image Verygames (Ex6TenZ, kennys, nbk, scream, SmithZz)
  14. image (allu, nasu, natu, ScurK, ?)
  15. image (anger, ezpk-g-, Michael3d, Skadoodle, stan)
  16. image 3DMAX (GuardiaN, .PhP, kap1i_, sneix, oskartommy)
Group draw will take place today after the qualifier. The first match will start tomorrow at 10:00 CET.
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