Natus Vincere on D2L Season 4

The Natus Vincere Dota 2 team will start its games on the one of the most important tournaments for the end of this year – the 4th season of the Dota 2 League, on the 4th of November. This championship hasn’t only managed to collect the best teams from all over the world, but also to get a location for the LAN finals: Las Vegas, USA.


16 invited teams from all over the world will participate in the tournament. Because of obvious reasons, it’s impossible for European and Asian teams to play against in decent conditions, the teams will be divided into two teams with 8 teams each – east and west. The first team includes LGD, IF, DK, TongFu, Vici, SpeedGaming, LGD.Int and Rising Stars, and the second one includes us of course, Alliance, Virtus.Pro, EG, Team Liquid, Team Dignitas, Fnatic and Mouz.


In the group stage each team will play 7 best of 2 matches versus teams from its region, where the main goal is to get the first place, because only the best teams gets a secured place in the LAN finals. The rest of the teams that have gotten from the second to the fifth place still have a chance to fight for the 25 000$ prize, but they will need to play additional matches. Firstly, the fourth and fifth places will play, then the winner of this game plays versus the third place of the group and the winner of this match will play versus the second team in the group for the ticket to the LAN finals.






image [0:2] image Fnatic

image Natus Vincere [1:2] image Fnatic

05.12 18:00 CET image Fnatic [x:x] image Team Liquid





1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round Winner       
    image Team Liquid          
  image Natus Vincere    
image Fnatic [1:2] image Fnatic  
  image Fnatic    



Our group:

# Team G W L P
1 image Alliance 7 7 0 21
2 image Team Liquid 7 6 1 18
3 image Natus Vincere 7 5 2 15
4 image Fnatic 7 4 3 12
5 image 7 3 4 9
6 image Evil Geniuses 7 2 5 6
7 image mousesports 7 1 6 3
8 image Team Dignitas 7 0 7 0


image [0:2] image Alliance

image Fnatic [2:0] image

image Alliance [2:0] image mousesports

image Evil Geniuses [1:2] image

image Alliance [2:1] image Fnatic

image Team Liquid [0:2] image Alliance

image Evil Geniuses [1:2] image Alliance

image Team Liquid [2:0] image Evil Geniuses

image mousesports [0:2] image

image mousesports [0:2] image Fnatic

image Alliance [2:0] image Team Dignitas

image Evil Geniuses [2:1] image mousesports

image Fnatic [1:0] image Team Dignitas

image [0:2] image Team Liquid

image Fnatic [0:2] image Team Liquid

image mousesports [0:2] image Team Liquid

image Evil Geniuses [1:2] image Fnatic

image Natus Vincere [2:0] image mousesports

image Natus Vincere [2:0] image Fnatic

image Natus Vincere [0:2] image Team Liquid

image Natus Vincere [0:2] image Alliance

image Natus Vincere [1:0] image Team Dignitas

image Natus Vincere [2:1] image Evil Geniuses

image Natus Vincere [2:0] image





Prize pool:

1st place - $25 000

2nd place - $15 000

3rd place - $7 500

4th place - $2 500



image Alliance: EGM, Akke, Loda, AdmiralBulldog, s4

image NS, Smile, God, LOST, Solo

image Natus Vincere: XBOCT, Dendi, Puppey, Kuroky, Funn1k

image Team Dignitas: Bleek, Korok, Inphinity, 1437, ppD

image Team Liquid: TC, BuLba, qojqva, FLUFF, Waytosexy

image Evil Geniuses: Fear, Jeyo, Universe, Fogged, MojoStormStout

image Fnatic: Fly, N0tail, Era, H4nn1, Trixi

image mousesports: Link, Synderen, Ace, Ryze, Cr1t-

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