Natus Vincere at DH Summer 2013

We're happy to bring you the coverage from Dreamhack Summer 2013 which is taking place in Jönköping (Sweden). The event gathered the strongest European teams. In this news, you'll find all the details about the tourney as well as the photos and videos with the players.


The competition is divided into two stages: group stage and play-offs. The first two days will see the Best-of-One format in the groups. The teams who will place first and second in their groups will advance to the play-offs. Some matches in different groups will be played in the same time, so they will be casted by different commentators.


In the play-offs, the teams will play the Best-of-Three but they won't have a room for mistake as the games will be played according to the Olympic system. The grand final will also be played in the Bo3 format while the break between the first and the second game of the final will be substantial as the last games of the tournament will be held on DreamArena Extreme.





Group A
Team G W L P
image Liquid 3 3 0 9
image Mouz 3 2 1 6
image eL'Pride 3 1 2 3
image 4FC 3 0 3 0
 image eL'Pride [0:1] image Liquid 
 image 4FC [0:1] image Mouz
 image eL'Pride [0:1] image Mouz 
 image 4FC [0:1] image Liquid
 image eL'Pride [1:0] image 4FC
 image Liquid [1:0] image Mouz 



Group B
Team G W L P
image 3 3 0 9
image Dignitas 3 2 1 6
image Uebelst 3 1 2 3
image TCM 3 0 3 0
 image TCM [0:1] image
 image Dignitas [1:0] image uebelts
 image TCM [0:1] image Dignitas
 image uebelts [0:1] image
 image uebelts [1:0] image TCM
 image [1:0] image Dignitas



Group B
Team G W L P
image Natus Vincere 3 3 0 9
image EG 3 2 1 6
image Keita 3 1 2 3
image Flipsid3 3 0 3 0

 image Na`Vi [1:0] image Keita
 image EG [1:0] image Flipsid3
 image Na`Vi [1:0] image Flipsid3
 image EG [1:0] image Keita
 image Keita [1:0] image Flipsid3
 imageNa`Vi [1:0] image EG



Group D
Team G W L P
image Alliance 3 2 1 6
image Quantic 3 2 1 6
image Fnatic 3 2 1 6
image Infernity 3 0 3 0
 image Quantic [0:1] image Fnatic
 image Alliance [1:0] image Infernity
 image Quantic [1:0] image Alliance
 image Fnatic [1:0] image Infernity
 image Infernity [0:1] image Quantic
 image Fnatic [0:1] image Alliance





  image EG    
 image EG      


  image Quantic  
 image Quantic      
[2:1]   image Quantic    
 image Liquid      


  image Alliance
 image Natus Vincere      


 image Dignitas    
 image Dignitas      


  image Alliance  

 image Alliance



 image Alliance    
 image Mouz









image Natus Vincere: Puppey, Dendi, XBOСT, Funn1k, KuroKy
image The Alliance: Akke, Loda,  s4, AdmiralBullDog, EGM
image 4 Friends + Chrillee: Chrillee, Noez, Boomski, Strangby, Eresloco.
image eL'Pride: Fun ©, Cr1t-, LINK, Hestejoe-Rotten, NoiA
image Team Liquid: FLUFFNSTUFF ©, Korok, ixmike88, TC, Bulba
image Mousesports: Black, FATA, pass, syndereN, qojqva
image Team Dignitas: Fogged, Aui_2000, Sneyking, Waytosexy, Universe
image TCM: GoAudio, BlueBErryNinja, Werne, Atze, HawaiiIOo
image NS, Сrazy, kSi, ARS-ART, IllidanSTR
image Uebelst: rmN, Sky, Alex, Ede, BlueBanana
image Evil Geniuses: SexyBamboe, Fear, bdiz, Demon, Jeyo
image Flipsid3: Mania, Miggel, miracle, unicornxoxo, Ryze
image Fnatic.RC: Era, Fly, N0tail, h4nn1-, Trixi
image Quantic Gaming: 7ckngMad, Goblak, Silent, Socks, Funzii


Prize money distribution ($42,760):

1 place: $21,380
2 place: $10,690
3-4 place: $3,820
5-8 place: $1,525
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