Natus Vincere at DH Summer 2013: Summary

One of the main tournaments of this summer has come to an end. We're happy and grateful to all the fans who supported and followed our team during the whole event. We tried our best to pay you back not only with the results of our DotA2-players but also with some coverage from the site.


What will we remember after this tournament? A lot. Let's summarize everything which happened during the last three days.



The first day we saw the matches in the groups A and B. Even though there were some promising teams on the list in these groups (such as 4FC and TCM), they couldn't cope with the favorites who scooped the first places: Liquid and Mouz, Virtus.Pro and Dignitas. Our team didn't have any games that day, so that's why the guys were sightseeing and getting mentally ready for their upcoming matches while watching the games of the other teams.



The second day brought a lot of surprises but first things first. The first matches in the group C started before the afternoon. Natus Vincere were exactly in that group. Their neighbors in the group were: Evil Geniuses, FlipSid3 and the winner of the BYOC-qualifier - Keita. It was obvious that the most dangerous team for us in the group were EG as they have defeated Na`Vi at the previous Dreamhack. A lot of the time has passed since then and Na`Vi crushed not only the Americans but also the rest of their rivals to top the group.


In the group D a tough battle for the first place was expected. Many coverage websites called it "the Group of Death". No wonder, the winner of the Asian G1-league and the previous Dreamhack, team Alliance was there, as well as Quantic Gaming with their unbelievable picking strats, Fnatic and the winner of the BYOC (Infernity) who had SingSing in their roster. We wouldn't write any spoilers for the games if you're gonna watch them below the coverage. We can only say that the whole thing ended with the spoken argument for the first place between Alliance and Quantic.

The quarterfinals began almost right after. The first to begin the matches were the teams from the upper bracket - VP, EG, Quantic and Liquid. It won't be a mistake to call these match-ups extremely hot and intense for the players. The first to finish their matches were Quantic and Liquid while at the same time the battle for the throne was taking place on the third map. Team EG were able to take the initiative in their hands after some unreal fights from VP and finish enemy's throne faster than their opponents. Liquid and headed towards the exit.



The dark night came to Jönköping, and our team had to face Dignitas while Alliance was about to take on Mouz. We won't go deep into analyzing these matches as a lot of people have already spoken about the games. It's only worth mentioning that the first game was fairly equal but Dignitas were able to surprise Na`Vi with Doom and Morph which resulted in their victory over Natus Vincere. After losing this game Na`Vi pulled themselves together and showed up with some aces up the sleeve of their own - they picked SF. We all know what Dendi is capable of with this hero. So the second game went to Na`Vi after 17 minutes, and the score became 1:1. The third game turned out to be a really sad one: even though Na`Vi had an advantage during almost the whole match, the Americans were able to execute their home-made strat with Naga which significantly decreased the chances to win for our team. A couple of glaring mistakes from Na`Vi, another couple of lucky fights for Dignitas, and the score became 2:1. Natus Vincere left the tournament along with Mouz who lost to Alliance.


On the third day the team remained in Sweden to watch the games and hang out around the city. As for the viewers, everybody was waiting for the semifinals with EG, Quantic, Alliance and Dignitas. The Americans were to be surprised by Quantic and Alliance being fully prepared to counter the strats of the previous day, so both matches resulted in a 2:0 score. Here were your finalists - Sweden team Alliance who were playing on their homeland soil and Quantic Gaming with two CIS-players on their roster. Could these guys break the "curse of Dreamhack" from 2010 when Na`Vi-CS won the whole thing, so that someone from CIS could finally come out victorious? It's interesting to know that the whole team Alliance have already had a Dreamhack title under their belt in the past as well as three players from Quantic who previously played for MTW.

According to the regulations of the tournament, the first match of the final was to be held in the gaming zone where the finalists were ready to play after having some rest. Alliance gained some edge in the experience along with the gold and kills from the start and kept it till the end of the game. The score went 1:0 and the teams had to move to DreamArena Extreme to play the deciding matches.

After the half-time show of the final the players sat down for the second game. At fist glance, the pick of Alliance seemed stronger but Goblak demonstrated the full potential of Treant and Silent (if you give him enough farm). All this ended with a record breaking score for Silent: rampage and "gg wp" from Alliance.

After a brief break the teams were already playing the final deciding game. Goblak surprised everyone once again with the pick while Alliance got their "right" pick which affected the game in an obvious way. Unexpected gangs, total domination on the whole map, and zero kills from Quantic - that's how it ended with the 22:0 score and yet another victory for Alliance on Dreamhack. All we can do now is just celebrate the champions with their well deserved victory.


Prize money distribution ($45,810):

1 place:  image Alliance - $21,380
2 place: image Quantic - $10,690
3-4 place: image EG, image Dignitas - $3,820
5-8 place: image Natus Vincere, image, image Liquid, image Mouz - $1,525




[1:2] VOD #1, #2, #3

 image EG    
 image EG      
  [0:2] VOD #1, #2  image Quantic  
 image Quantic      
[2:1]  image Quantic    
 image Liquid      

[1:2] VOD #1, #2, #3

  image Alliance
 image Natus Vincere      

[1:2] VOD #1, #2, #3

 image Dignitas    
 image Dignitas      

[0:2] VOD #1, #2

 image Alliance  

 image Alliance



 image Alliance    
 image Mouz


Group A
Team M W T L P
image Liquid 3 3 - 0 9
image Mouz 3 2 - 1 6
image eL'Pride 3 1 - 2 3
image 4FC 3 0 - 3 0
 image eL'Pride [0:1] image Liquid VOD
 image 4FC [0:1] image Mouz
 image eL'Pride [0:1] image Mouz VOD
 image 4FC [0:1] image Liquid
 image eL'Pride [1:0] image 4FC VOD
 image Liquid [1:0] image Mouz VOD



Group B
Team M W T L P
image 3 3 - 0 9
image Dignitas 3 2 - 1 6
image Uebelst 3 1 - 2 3
image TCM 3 0 - 3 0
 image TCM [0:1] image VOD
 image Dignitas [1:0] image uebelts VOD
 image TCM [0:1] image Dignitas
 image uebelts [0:1] image VOD
 image uebelts [1:0] image TCM VOD
 image [1:0] image Dignitas VOD



Group C
Team M W T L P
image Natus Vincere 3 3 - 0 9
image EG 3 2 - 1 6
image Keita 3 1 - 2 3
image Flipsid3 3 0 - 3 0

 image Na`Vi [1:0] image Keita VOD
 image EG [1:0] image Flipsid3
 image Na`Vi [1:0] image Flipsid3 VOD
 image EG [1:0] image Keita VOD
 image Keita [1:0] image Flipsid3 VOD
 imageNa`Vi [1:0] image EG VOD



Group D
Team M W T L P
image Alliance 3 2 - 1 6
image Quantic 3 2 - 1 6
image Fnatic 3 2 - 1 6
image Infernity 3 0 - 2 0
 image Quantic [0:1] image Fnatic VOD
 image Alliance [1:0] image Infernity VOD
 image Quantic [1:0] image Alliance VOD
 image Fnatic [1:0] image Infernity VOD
 image Infernity [0:1] image Quantic VOD
 image Fnatic [0:1] image Alliance VOD





image Natus Vincere: Puppey, Dendi, XBOСT, Funn1k, KuroKy
image Alliance: Akke, Loda,  s4, AdmiralBullDog, EGM
image 4FC: Chrillee, Noez, Boomski, Strangby, Eresloco.
image eL'Pride: Fun ©, Cr1t-, LINK, Hestejoe-Rotten, NoiA
image Team Liquid: FLUFFNSTUFF ©, Korok, ixmike88, TC, Bulba
image Mouz: Black, FATA, pass, syndereN, qojqva
image Dignitas: Fogged, Aui_2000, Sneyking, Waytosexy, Universe
image TCM: GoAudio, BlueBErryNinja, Werne, Atze, HawaiiIOo
image NS, Сrazy, kSi, ARS-ART, IllidanSTR
image uebelst: rmN, Sky, Alex, Ede, BlueBanana
image EG: SexyBamboe, Fear, bdiz, Demon, Jeyo
image Flipsid3: Mania, Miggel, miracle, unicornxoxo, Ryze
image Fnatic: Era, Fly, N0tail, h4nn1-, Trixi
image Quantic Gaming: 7ckngMad, Goblak, Silent, Socks, Funzii
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