Natus Vincere in Dota 2 Champions League

It is once more time for the best European teams to assemble their forces for a fight to the death. The second season of Dota 2 Champions League will start very soon. To give geographic justice its due we must note that the $50 000 prize will be contested not only by 9 European teams, but also by the daredevils from another continent – Team Liquid. Last season their match against Natus Vincere was the league opener. Team Liquid ones will once again cut the red ribbon, but this time in the company of Power Rangers.


Traditionally, we will start with the group stage. Team rosters can be found below. The number one task for each team – take the first spot in their group. Of course, the less fortunate and diligent teams will also get the right to move on to the play-offs, but only through some additional qualifying matches. Matches will be held in bo2 format at both stages. 


But, as usual, the cherry on the top has been left for dessert. 4 best teams of the regular season will meet in the play-offs. There, in a furious battle to 3 victories, they will decide who will be the champion and who will take home the prize money. The official commentators of Natus Vincere and Versuta and Maelstorm will follow along with us the events as they unfold. 




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image Fnatic      
  image Cloud9    
image Cloud9 [3:1] image Cloud9  
  image Empire    
  image Natus Vincere    
image [3:2] image Natus Vincere  
  image The Alliance    
image The Alliance      


image The Alliance [3:1] image Games

image Cloud9 [3:1] image Fnatic Games

image Natus Vincere [3:2] image The Alliance Games

image Cloud9 [3:1] image Empire Games





# Teams GP V L Pts
1 image Empire 9 8 1 8
2 image The Alliance 10 7 3 7
3 image Fnatic 9 5 4 5
4 image RoX.KIS 8 2 6 2
5 image Sigma.Int 8 0 8 0


image Team Empire [2:0] image RoX.KIS [Games

image Alliance [2:0] image Sigma  [Games
image Team Empire [2:0] image Fnatic [Games]
image RoX.KIS [2:0] image Sigma (def win)    
image Alliance [2:1] image Fnatic [Games]
image Team Empire [2:0] image Sigma [Games]
image RoX.KIS [0:2] image Fnatic [Games]
image Team Empire [2:1] image Alliance [Games]
image Alliance [2:0] image RoX.KIS [Games]
image Fnatic [2:0] image Sigma [Games]


# Teams GP V L Pts
1 image Natus Vincere 12 8 4 8
2 image Cloud9 12 6 6 6
3 image 10 6 4 6
4 image Team Liquid 10 5 5 5
5 image Power Rangers 10 2 8 2

image Team Liquid [2:0] image Power Rangers  [Games]

image Natus Vincere [2:1] image [Games]
image Team Liquid [2:1] image Cloud9 [Games]
image [2:0] image Power Rangers [Games]

image Team Liquid [1:2] image Natus Vincere [Games]  
image Natus Vincere [2:1] image Cloud9 [Games]      
image Team Liquid [0:2] image [Games]  
image Cloud9 [2:1] image Power Rangers [Games]             

image Natus Vincere [2:1] image Power Rangers [Games]         
image Cloud9 [2:1] image [Games]



Team rosters:

image Natus Vincere: XBOCT, Dendi, Puppey, Kuroky, Funn1k
image Fnatic: Fly, Era, n0tail, h4nn1, Trixi
image Sigma.Int: FATA, 7ckingMad, Sockshka, paS, miGGel
image Empire: Vanskor, Fly, Mag, Resolution, Silent
image RoX.KIS: Goblak, Bzz, Yol, Sedoy, Scandal
image Smile, God, NS, jotm, illidan
image Power Rangers: zxc, chshrct, fng, j4, Moonlight
image The Alliance: s4, EGM, Akke, Loda, AdmiralBulldog
image Team Liquid: TC, BuLba, qojqva, FLUFF, Waytosexy
image Cloud9: SingSing, Bone7, EternalEnvy, Aui_2000, Pieliedie


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