Natus Vincere at EIZO Cup

Today (27.03) our Dota2-roster will return to the virtual battle fields to fight in Eizo Cup. Natus Vincere got an invitation and joined the other 7 teams in the final stage of the tournament. 8 teams more will be determined through the qualifier.

Invited teams:
image Natus Vincere (XBOCT, Puppey, Dendi, funn1k, Kuroky)
image Team Liquid (FLUFFNSTUFF, Korok, Bulba, ixmike88, TC)
image Fnatic.EU (trixi, era, n0tail, h4nn1, Fly)
image Team Empire (Vigoss, Goblak, Blowyourbrain, Scandal, Silent)
image paiN-Gaming (PAADA, Grentxd, China, KINGRD, Fuga)
image Kaipi (pieliedie, bOne7, Zizou, ArisE, ?)
image RoX.KiS (BzzIsPerfect, Dread, Solo, hardEEv, yol)
image No Tidehunter (AdmiralBulldog, Loda, Akke, EGM, s4)
Tournament schedule:
Semifinals - image Natus Vincere [1:2] image No Tidehunter - Match #1#2#3
Quarterfinal: image Natus Vincere [2:1] image KP - Match  #1#2#3
image Natus Vincere [2:0] image Ali Gaming;
Tournament grid

The tournament structure will see Best-of-3. The prize pool is going to be 1,750 EUR. The casting will be performed by Tobi. The draw results and the video-stream will be added to this news later.

Have Natus Vincere recovered from Techlabs? We'll find out today.

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