Natus Vincere in EMS One Katowice 2014 E

We are pleased to announce that the 16 team-participants that will fight for 6 slots in EMS One 2014 tournament LAN-finals have finally been determined (the finals will be held in mid-march of this year in Poland). 


All details concerning matches our boys will be participating in, that start in just a few hours, can be found below. 


As you may remember, 8 teams, out of the 16 that qualified, found their way into the tournament through regional qualifiers (including Na'Vi). The other 8 participants were determined through specialized European qualifying tournaments. Thus, the following brackets have been formed:

2-0 image      
image GreyFace        
  [2:0] image    
image ALTERNATE        
2-1 image ALTERNATE      
image USSR        
image 3DMAX        
2-0 image 3DMAX      
image oBG        
image  Wizards        
0-2 image  Clan-Mystik      
image  Clan-Mystik        
image mousesports        
2-0 image mousesports      
image H2k        
image Reason        
2-1 image Reason      
image hudzGs TEAM        
image MYM        
0-2 image TBA      
image TBA        
  [1:2] image Natus Vincere    
image Partyastronauts        
0-2 image Natus Vincere      
image Natus Vincere        


The first match featuring Natus Vincere will be held already today at 19:00 CET. Below you may find ceh9’s commentator’s stream (Russian language):


Watch live video from ceh9 on


The event will be conducted in Double Elimination format. A more detailed game schedule looks as follows (CET):


Tuesday, 25-th of February:

  • 19:00 first round of upper bracket
  • 21:30 first round of lower bracker

Wednesday, 26-th of February:

  • 19:00 upper bracket quarter-finals
  • 21:30 upper bracket quarter-finals

Thursday, 27-th of February:

  • 19:00 second round of lower bracket
  • 21:30 third round of lower bracket


Team rosters:


  • image 3DMAX: Pimp, raalz, gla1ve, MSL, aizy
  • image ALTERNATE: fel1x, kRYSTAL, Rak, asmo, image SolEk
  • image  Clan-Mystik: HaRts, Sf, kioShiMa, kennyS, GMX
  • image GreyFace: pyth, berg, image cENTRYZ, max, image REASTEN
  • image H2k: Polly, hoyland, RUBINO, Skurk, maak
  • image hudzGs TEAM: image steel, image hudzG, image nooky, image weber, image zonixx
  • image mousesports: image tabseN, image cadiaN, image tiziaN, image chrisJ, image LEGIJA
  • image MYM: Loord, MICHU, Hyper, minise, innocent
  • image Natus Vincere: starix, Edward, Zeus, image GuardiaN image seized
  • image oBG: pauf, KAB0M, image zEVES, Lunedi, waver
  • image Partyastronauts: jkaem, Cy, rain, ensa, firesenz
  • image Reason: Friis, karrigan, smF, EXR, LOMME
  • image TBA: maxAki, roque, Spitfire, eksem, SKYTTEN
  • image USSR: mouseTT, flamie, keepitreaL, kibaken, latro
  • image Neo, TaZ, byali, pasha, Snax
  • image  Wizards: MusambaN1, image sukitRon, loWel, meisoN, Kairi


You may follow the report updates and the progress of Natus Vincere right here, so don’t switch the channel ;)

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