Natus Vincere at G1 League: Update on qu

As reported, team Natus Vincere was invited to the qualifier of Chinese based G-1 League. An update on this has been released today.

The qualifier is the second stage of a global qualification round which united teams from Europe and North America. First round will take place on 14-15 of April. Eight teams will participate:
image Team Empire 
image Evil Geniuses 
image Team Dignitas 
image Qpad Red Pandas 
image Kaipi 
image Absolute Legends 
image Mousesports
The second round will see only four teams every one of which will have to win only one match with Best-of-3. As you've already guessed, a lot of things will depend on the draw.
The second stage with Natus Vincere, No Tidehunter, Team Liquid and will be held in a Double Elimination format with Best-of-3. Here's the schedule:
16-17 of April – two bo3 each day;
23-26 of April – two bo3 each day;
27 of April – the rest of the matches;
An important factor will be the servers in the matches between European and American teams. It's possible for two games to be played on respective servers while the third one will be decided by a coin flip.
Best two teams of the second stage will go straight to the league while the organizers will cover all traveling expenses.
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