Natus Vincere's new apparel on sale soon

Have you already seen the brand new uniform of team Natus Vincere which helped our DotA2-guys to win both EMS One and TECHLABS in Minsk? Today Na`Vi are happy to announce that this very version of team's uniform will go on sale very soon, so that everyone will be able to add this stylish T-shirt to their wardrobe:



Do you like it? You can pre-order it at eSportStore now!


You can also try and get this T-shirt for free! That's right, zero money. Look inside this news to find out what you have to do!




Attention! We will have a giveaway for those who will share this news on Facebook. To preserve the integrity of the raffle (as well as for the contact purposes) you'll need to leave a link to your account in the social network in the comment section below! The results will be published on 24 of May.

UPDATE:  One lucky Na`Vi jersey goes to Johan Nelson ( Congratulations! 

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#1 ph tobbxy 30 July 2014, 18:43
hey guys plssss help me im form philippines. is it for sale here in our country coz i cant relly find one. tnx guys plssss leav your reply so ill know pls
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