Natus Vincere on TECHLABS CUP 2013 CIS q

On Saturday at 17:00 CEST, our CS:GO team will participate in the online qualifiers for the TECHLABS CUP 2013. In case we win the qualifiers, Na`Vi.CS:GO will go to the finals in Minsk, where they will meet their teammates from Natus Vincere from the WoT and DotA 2 teams, and also will fight for the first place versus the winner of the European qualifiers, LGB, and a prize of 3500$. In addition to the prize, the winner receives a slot for the Techlabs 2013 finals in Moscow, where they will meet the winners of the previous qualifiers: NiP, Astana Dragons and 3DMAX.

There will play 64 teams overall in the CIS qualifiers. The matches will be BO1, while only the grand final will be BO3.



     01:13 - image Natus Vincere beats image Courage Gaming on the second map and wins the qualifiers! Minsk, we are coming!

00:29 - image Natus Vincere wins the first map. The second map will be  de_inferno.

23:50 - First grand finals game starts on de_dust2.

     23:34 - Our opponent in the grand finals will be image Courage Gaming.

     22:00 image Natus Vincere wins and will now fight on the grand finals!

21:13 - Game versus image USSR starts on de_mirage.

20:59 - Our next opponent will be image USSR.

20:57 - image Natus Vincere beats image BSE in just 20 minutes and proceeds to the semi-finals!

20:35 -  image Natus Vincere starts the game versus image BSE.csgo.

19:34 - The team  image Natus Virtus Pro Vincere where kicked out of the tournaments after one player was caught using cheats.

19:34 - Quarter-finals: image Natus Vincere wins the team image ELTZ! on de_mirage with a score of [16:4] and proceeds to the quarter-finals.

18:50 - Eighth-finals: image Natus Vincere [16:4] image Mysterios

17:55 - 16th-finals: image Natus Vincere [16:4] image Namless Squad

17:07 - Brackets are up.

17:00 - First games were started. The brackets will be up soon and we will discover who our opponents are.


Natus Vincere results on the qualifiers:

image Natus Vincere [16:4] image Namless Squad
image Natus Vincere [16:4] image Mysterios
image Natus Vincere [16:4] image ELTZ!
image Natus Vincere [16:1] image BSE
image Natus Vincere [16:8] image USSR
image Natus Vincere [16:6] [16:9] image Courage Gaming



*Will start being updated after the quarter finals.

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Grand Finals First Place
image -USSR-      
[16:6] image -USSR-    
image AG      
                 [8:16] image Natus Vincere  
image BSE.csgo      
[1:16] image Natus Vincere    
image Natus Vincere      
    [16:6] @ de_dust2    
[16:9] @ de_inferno
image Natus Vincere
image WEPLAY      
[18:22] image kerchNet    
image kerchNet      
                 [14:16] image Courage Gaming  
image Fun4Game      
[8:16] image Courage Gaming    
image Courage Gaming      






image Natus Vincere: starix, seized, Zeus, ceh9, kibaken

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