Natus Vincere at Techlabs 2013 in Moscow

Tomorrow (23.03) CS:GO & DotA2 squads of Natus Vincere will play at Techlabs 2013 in Moscow. You will find all the details below.

DotA2 Pool (read preview): 
image Natus Vincere (XBOCT, Puppey, Dendi, funn1k, Kuroky)
image Empire (Vigoss, Goblak, Blowyourbrain, Scandal, Silent)
image (NS, Crazy, Ksi, Illidan, AA (временно))
image ICCUP (wejustzik, Mag, ALWAYSWANNAFLY, jackal, Resolut1on)
CS:GO Pool:
image Natus Vincere (Ceh9, Edward, Zeus, Starix, Markeloff)
image NiP (GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, Xizt, Fifflaren, friberg)
image ESC (Loord, Neo, Taz, Kuben, Pasha)
image (AdreN, Dosia, Fox, ANGE1, kucher)
Both competitions will be held in a Double elimination format, Best-of-one. Unfortunately, the schedule will make it hard for the viewers to follow both games of Na`Vi as they are most likely going to be played at the same time.
Here's an approximate schedule for DotA2 & CS:GO matches:
image image Natus Vincere [5:16] image NiP de_train
image image [0:1] image ICCUP 
image image [16:9] image ESC de_mirage
image image Natus Vincere [0:1] image Empire
image Lower bracket final - image NiP [16:12] image de_inferno
image Upper bracket final - image ICCUP [0:1] image Empire
image Lower bracket consolidation final - image Natus Vincere [6:16] image ESC de_train
image Lower bracket consolidation final - image Natus Vincere [1: 0] image
image Lower bracket final - image [16:8] image ESC de_dust2
image Lower bracket final - image Natus Vincere [0:1] image ICCUP
image  Final - image NiP [16:10] image de_dust2
image  Final- image ICCUP [0:1] image Empire
As you can see, the schedule is pretty tight and the matches will go one right after another. We hope that our teams will have some time to spare between the games to take a little rest. Let's take a look at the prize money:
  1. image Empire - $5 000
  2. image ICCUP - $3 000
  3. image Natus Vincere - $1 500
  4. image - $500

DotA2 winner will receive a slot in the final tournament of the year.

  1. image NiP - $8 000
  2. image - $4 000
  3. image ESC - $2 000
  4. image Natus Vincere - $1 000
We would like to remind you that our reporters will be on site to provide you with great coverage including photos and videos, so stay tuned to NaVi-Gaming.Com!


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