Natus Vincere Weekly Review #9

Tuesday. You know what it means, right? It means it's time for you to work like a horse read yet another weekly review from Natus Vincere. In this episode: Dendi breaks the records, XBOCT in Yalta, BabyKnight riding high, VeRsuta on Furion, and much more. Also, don't forget about the sink-meter because the rumors say that even iG follow it.


We'll start with some joyful news about Daniil "Dendi" Ishutin who will soon reach the popularity level of Brad Pitt (which means his Angelina Jolie is at a place not far away). We walk about 20,000 people watching one of the latest streams of Daniil. Factoring in the distrustfulness of the many from the community, Darth Vader attached the proof:




Some people might say that the key to this is the hero pick, but we all know that Dendi is really close to Pudge-like stuff.


The management of Natus Vincere supposes that Queen of Pain is the awesome hero while the players consider it to be outdated in refuse to play him. In order to bring QoP back to the list of the most used heroes we created our very own Queen of Na`Vi. Here's what it looks like:



Did you like it? If so, the sooner you "Like" it, the sooner you'll have a chance to have some fun with Queen of Na`Vi at some pub.

Last week, we saw the second edition of the GPM Show with VeRsuta as the invited guest. Despite his failed plan, non-stopping kill-stealing by Invoker and not-so-great GPM, we couldn't witness the famous rage for which, to be honest, we invited this guy in first place. Here's the VOD of the show:



You asked and Darth Vader listened - there are no more alt+tab's during the stream. By the way, the qualifier for the third edition is already underway. The voting for the first hero of the show will start today at 18:00 CET on our VK page.


In our last episode we told you that Alexander "XBOCT" Dashkevich is missing the official matches of his team because he's on vacation in Yalta. We also assumed that some of our readers might join him:



"Met XBOCT in Yalta. Mission accomplished."


Nobody knows exactly what happened between this tweet and the meeting in Yalta but it's safe to say that after meeting his maker ХBOCT the GPM of Denis has increased by at least hundred.


While XBOCT was blessing the players from Yalta for increasing GPM, the rest of the team were working really hard but you can go only so far with stand-ins. The first match against EG went in favor of Na`Vi thanks to Socks who was playing the role of XBOCT. Two days later it was decided to take up the other guy (Mircale). This caused the team to make some significant changes in their play style. There's another interesting fact to it: 4 of the 5 games versus team EG at WePlay were played at the American servers.


While you're trying to google XBOCT's address in Yalta to get his blessing, we're moving back onto Techlabs and our CS-roster. Last week, Darth Vader told you that after losing to TCM-Gaming in the final, one of the players expressed his will to go completely drunk. Two players from TCM got ahead of our guy in that endeavor to the point when the rest of their team had to kick them. The organizers felt an "urge interest" of the community for the match ESC vs. TCM, so they decided to give Na`Vi another chance to save its player from the alcoholic threat and ruled the match to be re-played. As it turned out, this motivation wasn't enough. Today Darth Vader contacted the team and discovered that the said player can be no longer located in the city.


While somebody's fighting alcoholism out there, we're happy to tell you that yet another player of the team made it to the second stage of WCS. We walk about BabyKnight who's fresh and riding high. Like Strelok the previous week, Jon topped his group outplaying on his way the legend of RTS - Grubby, and one of the best European players - Stefano. As a result, our SC2-writers felt the urge to write their walls of text to tell you how it happened in details. Strongly recommended read for those who doesn't understand a damn thing about StarCraft II. We will translate and publish it soon. Stay tuned.


Before we get to the SINK-METER, it's worth mentioning that the unbelievably cool Na`Vi T-Shirts are already on sale. You can buy them here.


Event Level of immersion
Last week's standing 13 meters
21,000 adepts of the Cult of Pudge 2 meters
Alt+Tab in the second edition of the GPM Show 1 meter
Queen of Na`Vi 5 meters
No rage from VeRsuta 2 meters
Holy ХВОСТ 2 meters
One game stand-in 3 meters
Second loss against TCM 10 meters
BabyKnight riding high 5 meters
T-Shirts from the Dark Side 1 meter
Losing twice versus EG 10 meters
Defeat Team Liquid with ursa 3 meters
Total: ↑5 meters


Want to prove the sink-meter wrong? Welcome to the ban the comment section below! Suggest your own criteria for the sink-meter and if we find it good enough - we'll add it!

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