Natus Vincere at We Play Dota2

Today we will see the matches start in the group stage of We Play Dota2 tournament, with the prize pool of $20, 000. Despite Na`Vi being placed in group A, their games will start only tomorrow.

Thus, we will share group A along with  Eosin +4, Imperium Gamers and Vivacity E-Sports. No doubt, Natus Vincere is the favorite to top the group, but what do we know about the rest of the three teams? Eosin +4 came to the scene comparatively recently, they have no achievments worth mentioning, and their participation is currently limited to qualifiers and some small events at ESL. Then we have so-called empire gamers, who are secretive enough for us to not know a single thing about them, except that they played under the name of DTA in the past. Our last opponent is going to be Vivacity E-Sports. Their website says they're “semi-pro” which perhaps is proven by team's success in Starladder's pro-division where they managed to get to the semi-finals. These teams should not stop Na`Vi from topping the group A.
Group А
Team G W L P
image Natus Vincere #1 2 2 - 6
image Eosin +4 2 - 2 0
image Imperium 2 1 2 3
image Keita Gaming #2 3 2 1 6

 image Natus Vincere [1:0] image Eosin +4
 image Imperium [0:1] image Keita 
 image Eosin +4 [0:1] image Imperium
 image Natus Vincere [1:0] image Keita 
 image Keita [1:0] image Imperium


The order of matches 2 through 5 is the following:


3rd match 18:00 CET (bo1) will be played out between the teams who will lose their first two games (Na`Vi / Eoisin +4 vs Imperium Gamers / Vivacity E-Sports). The losing team will finish fourth in the group.
4th match 19:00 CET (bo1) will be played out between the teams who will win the first (Na`Vi / Eoisin +4) and the second (Imperium Gamers / Vivacity E-Sports) match. The winning team will place first in the group and advance to the second group stage round.
5th match 20:00 CET (bo1) will be played out for the second place and a chance to advance to the next stage of WePlay league. It will happen between the winner of the third match and the loser of the fourth one.
You may find a complete tourney coverage on the league's official website. All games will be broadcasted in Russian language.


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