Natus Vincere vs Alliance

On Thursday, 10th of October, the CyberArena club will open its doors once again, for the players and fans of the SLTV Starladder finals, this time for season VII. We will also participate, specifically our DotA 2 team that has ended the regular season winning 11 games out of 15 in total. In this report you will find all the needed information for the upcoming tournament.

The tournament will begin with our team playing vs Team Empire, a match that’s expected to be interesting. We’ve won in the previous match in the regular season of the SLTV, but that was about a month ago. Since then, Team Empire has improved and shown great games, and were even qualified for the ESWC 2013.


Can Team Empire stop the lose streak versus our team, or they will make the total score of our games 4-0 to Na`Vi? We will find out tomorrow, on the first match of the SLTV VII finals.

 image Natus Vincere [3:2] image Alliance

image Natus Vincere: Dendi, XBOCT, Funn1k, Puppey, Kuroky
image Alliance: s4, Admiral Bulldog, Akke, Loda, EGM




Prize pool:

  1. image Natus Vincere - $12 000
  2. image Alliance - $6 000
  3. image Team Empire - $3 000
  4. image RoX.KiS - $1 500

Our reporters will update the report and the website with the latest news from the event.

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