Natus Vincere vs Hhob in the World of Ta

The second season of the Wargaming golden league in World of Tanks started on 15th of June, 2013. The reigning champions Natus Vincere will participate in the event being one of the favorites to win the league. The games of the second season will be played during several months (from July to October). The tournament will conclude in Moscow at LAN-finals with $136,000 in the prize pool.
You will find all the information about the event including the schedule, the results, the VODs and much more inside this coverage. There are 16 teams who will take part in the regular online-season. Each one of them will have to play 15 matches. The finals will take place on 3rd-5th of October and will gather 8 best teams in a Double Elimination format.
Here's the tournament table and the schedule for the 15 days ahead:
Tournament table:








image NATUS VINCERE 12 12 0 0 36 42
image PUSH  12 4 1 7 13 -8
image SYNERGY 12 5 3 4 18 5
image ZEOS 12 4 1 7 13 -12
image ESC (ex NASHORN) 12 7 1 4 22 1
image AG 12 6 2 4 20 -1
image R4GE 12 1 1 10 4 -20
image ACES 12 4 1 7 13 -11
image NOD 12 6 0 6 18 4
image MYR 12 6 1 5 19 5
image HHOB 12 4 1 7 13 -11
image RR-UNITY 12 9 0 3 27 19
image ROX.KIS 12 8 0 4 24 6
image M1ND 12 7 2 3 23 15
image NSTR 12 3 1 8 10 -7
image KO3AK 12 2 1 9 7 -27


Schedule for matches of Natus Vincere:

image Natus Vincere [4:1] image R4ge @ Himmelsdorf
image Natus Vincere [4:1] image Myr @ Steppes

image Natus Vincere [5:0] image Hhob @ Ensk

image NATUS VINCERE [2:1] image AG @ Abbey 

image NATUS VINCERE [3:o] image ROX.KIS @ Ruinberg 

image NATUS VINCERE [5:0] image PUSH @ Cliff 

image NATUS VINCERE [3:1] image SYNERGY @ Lakeville

image NATUS VINCERE [3:2] image RR-UNITY @ Himmelsdorf 

image NATUS VINCERE [5:0] image ESC (экс-NASHORN) @ Steppes 

image NATUS VINCERE [5:0] image KO3AK @ Ensk 

image NATUS VINCERE [4:0] image NOD @ Abbey 

image NATUS VINCERE [5:0] image ZEOS @ Ruinberg 


07.09 in 18:00/19:00 image NATUS VINCERE [x:x] image M1ND @ Cliff

10.09 in 22:00/23:00  image NATUS VINCERE [x:x] image ACES @ Lakeville

13.09 in 22:00/23:00 image NATUS VINCERE [x:x] image NSTR @ Himmelsdorf



image Natus Vincere: de1uxe (c), Ec1ipse, Kirilloid, StraikoiD, Inspirer, LeBwa, P0WERSL1DE, BigBadWolf (m)




Remaining matches:

Day 1 (Himmelsdorf) Day 2 (Steppes) Day 3 (Ensk)
image Nashorn [2:2] image Synergy
image Ko3ak [0:4] image Push
image Zeos [2:2] image Ag
image M1nd [3:2] image Hhob
image Nod [0:4] image RoX.KiS
image Aces [1:4] image Myr
image Rr-unity [x:x] image Nstr
image Push [1:4] image Nod
image RoX.KiS [3:2] image Zeos
image Synergy [3:0] image Ko3ak
image Rr-unity [2:1] image Nashorn
image Nstr [3:2] image R4ge
image Hhob [2:3] image Aces
image Ag [3:2] image M1nd
image Ko3ak [0:5] image RR-Unity
image Nod [2:1] image Synergy
image Zeos [2:3] image Push
image M1nd [x:x] image RoX.KiS
image R4ge [3:2] image Myr
image Nashorn [x:x] image Nstr
image Aces [2:2] image Ag
Day 4 (Abbey) Day 5 (Ruinberg) Day 6 (Cliff)
image ROX.KIS [3:2] image ACES
image NSTR [4:1] image MYR
image RR-UNITY [2:0] image NOD
image PUSH [2:2] image M1ND
image NASHORN [3:0] image KO3AK
image HHOB [3:1] image R4GE
image SYNERGY [2:1] image ZEOS
image M1ND [2:2] image SYNERGY
image KO3AK [3:2] image NSTR
image NOD [2:3] image NASHORN
image ZEOS [3:2] image RR-UNITY
image R4GE [1:2] image AG
image ACES [3:1] image PUSH
image MYR [3:1] image HHOB
image ROX.KIS [3:0] image R4GE
image KO3AK [0:5] image NOD
image NSTR [2:2] image HHOB
image AG [3:2] image MYR
image SYNERGY [2:3] image ACES
image NASHORN [3:1] image ZEOS
image RR-UNITY [3:2] image M1ND
Day 7 (Lakeville) Day 8 (Himmelsdorf) Day 9 (Steppes)
image NOD [3:1] image NSTR
image ZEOS [2:1] image KO3AK
image M1ND [2:1] image NASHORN
image ACES [2:3] image RR-UNITY
image R4GE [1:3] image PUSH
image MYR [3:1] image ROX.KIS
image HHOB [4:1] image AG
image PUSH [1:2] image MYR
image SYNERGY [3:2] image R4GE
image KO3AK [0:5] image M1ND
image NOD [2:3] image ZEOS
image ROX.KIS [4:1] image HHOB
image NSTR [2:3] image AG
image ESC [4:1] image ACES
image AG [1:2] image ROX.KIS
image ZEOS [1:3] image NSTR
image M1ND [3:2] image NOD
image R4GE [0:3] image RR-UNITY
image MYR [1:1] image SYNERGY
image HHOB [2:1] image PUSH
image ACES [0:4] image KO3AK
Day 10 (Ensk) Day 11 (Abbey) Day 12 (Ruinberg)
image ESC [3:1] image R4GE
image NSTR [1:2] image ROX.KIS
image PUSH [2:3] image AG
image RR-UNITY [3:2] image MYR
image SYNERGY [2:3] image Hhob
image NOD [4:1] image ACES
image Zeos [3:2] image M1ND
image ACES [4:0] image ZEOS
image AG [1:3] image SYNERGY
image M1ND [4:1] image NSTR
image R4GE [2:2] image KO3AK
image MYR [0:5] image ESC
image HHOB [0:5] image RR-UNITY
image ROX.KIS [4:1] image PUSH
image ESC [2:1] image HHOB
image NSTR [1:2] image PUSH
image SYNERGY [4:1] image ROX.KIS
image RR-UNITY [1:2] image AG
image KO3AK [2:3] image MYR
image M1ND [4:0] image ACES
image NOD [4:1] image R4GE
Day 13 (Cliff) Day 14 (Lakeville) Day 15 (Himmelsdorf)
image Hhob [x:x] image Ko3ak
image Aces [x:x] image Nstr
image R4ge [x:x] image Zeos
image Myr [x:x] image Nod
image Ag [x:x] image Nashorn
image RoX.KiS [x:x] image Rr-unity
image Push [x:x] image Synergy
image Ko3ak [x:x] image Ag
image Nstr [x:x] image Synergy
image Rr-unity [x:x] image Push
image Nashorn [x:x] image RoX.KiS
image Nod [x:x] image Hhob
image Zeos [x:x] image Myr
image M1nd [x:x] image Rage
image RoX.KiS [x:x] image Ko3ak
image R4ge [x:x] image Aces
image Myr [x:x] image M1nd
image Hhob [x:x] image Zeos
image Ag [x:x] image Nod
image Push [x:x] image Nashorn
image Synergy [x:x] Rr-unity


image Natus Vincere: de1uxe (c), Ec1ipse, Kirilloid, StraikoiD, Inspirer, LeBwa, P0WERSL1DE, BigBadWolf (m)
image Hhob: DirolCX, Groznyi85, Sparadrap, forder, Koshmar1988, wood89, slipp3ry, ridik565, cyber_butcher, goodfluffy 
image Ko3ak: PeaJIucT, Happier, Kvoka882, TITAN, DinamitS, FILY, kias, Misail, Schwarzeschwan, kirkest 
image Aces: T0n1, V1RTUS, Krygliy, Tommy,xxArmorxx, Spandy, AKMVintorez,IvIAkcOH, Reddaddy, Golkond 
image Nstr: ALi, warn1ng, Negativve, djiggan4ik, crottt, crazy2013, Alfalucky, voovke 
image R4ge: Hy6acuK, legendarnui, fyhtuk, B1ackMa11er, unturajungla, KpbIcoLoB, Grof, FaTaLiTy, asa9, llKatarsisll 
image Zeos: BumbleeBee, BageH, 1BraGimOFF, Savincev, Vurdalak, HaGGiS, booorgeR, Senter, Shadowester, AntonRenton 
image Myr: LuckyRusher, Streko01, No1son, Renader Raskalik, Yurock, Krabotron, 51_rus, 113region113 
image Nod: The_beizil, ArtOfWarPWNZ, i_love_electro, Burning_Up, lolwo, LiveForSurf, MrCrazyBelka, GoodN1ght, Slava_ZZZ, varos99
image Ag: mynx, FC_DYNAMO, International, armagedon008, Kolento, Deniel_Blond, RubTheRob, TheApl, RatDesert 
image Nashorn: Oberst_Fuchs, BestX3, Sovetnik, spongerOK, Dezgneit, Shyltz_Eihwas, Falcon032, TpTp_MuT9I, fortraN 
image RoX.KiS: Nuregre, Blips, ARTistichny, FnB, Roces, Boroda_Murazora, Nuclear, lchTuDirWeh, DigitalRush 
image Rr-unity: Kapp1, MAX_san, RinoII, Monastyr, LuciqueII,TheAnatolich, Vors1k, DYADOR, Bullkin, Deddoctor 
image Push: Toliynia, KONDELF, StigMAT_KZ, Tri_Bolta, NEXUS_403, Ru1n, F_C_S_D, Maxim12G, Hardys, kindersmen 
image Synergy: DarkGodZim, iLLusiON_yes, JaredJIeto, NOnickNOskill, Grifon, Drag_NN, Perkez, BYRATINO, Poveritel, Dendiu
image M1nd: hlemmur, kamaek, iMost, ChillyWilly, hijeck, ank, NesKwi, IIIyTepc, BBaJleBo, omgheisgosu

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