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Dear friends, all of you know about the fate of our beloved Counter-Strike 1.6 title that has been losing its attraction for tournament organizers and eSports audience. While our team still enjoys this game, it is time to try something new. And when we say "to try" we literally mean it as starting from November, 8th, Natus Vincere will start to practicing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for the next two month. Right after we are going to decide weather or not our players shall play this new game.



Statement by Natus Vincere CEO, image Alexander "ZeroGravity" Kokhanovskyy:


"We have taken a final decision to try out CS:GO as a new and upcoming e-Sports title. We should not compare CS 1.6 and CS:GO because they are completely different games with a similar weapon and map setting. It will be a TOUGH CHALLENGE for the guys as they are not 17-20 years old anymore and right now time spent for gaming is much more valuable. I do not know who will be able and who will want to switch to CS:GO after these 60 days are over. I am asking all our fans all over the world to support our players during their streams, official matches and tournaments.  Despite your taste for the new game, your support is really important to our players as it gives them confidence in their capabilities. On the other side you will be able to follow ceh9, Zeus, markeloff, Edward & starix team matches and success all together! "


Statement by image Yegor "markeloff" Markelov:


"Just because it is a new game and it is very different from the good-old Counter-Strike 1.6, we will have to play a lot every day to achieve the same level we had in Counter-Strike 1.6. You will be able to follow not only our DM and mix games, but also our team practice in our streams. CS still remains for me a favorite game. We will do our best to become the same example to follow for everyone we were in CS 1.6, that's what I can promise to all our fans"


Statement by image Daniil "Zeus" Teslenko:


"While it may sound a bit strange, but we are really starting to play CS:GO. Time will tell weather it is good or bad. First of all we have to do that because we have no other choice. Right now CS:GO does not have good ratings, but the tournaments are announced every week while there is almost no events for CS 1 6. We are going to play 4-6 hours per day. We haven't discussed the exact preparation plan, but I guess we are going to stick to our 1.6 experience by improving both our individual and team skill at the same time.


I think that everyone wants to do what he likes the best in his life and in this aspect I got lucky as I've been playing my favorite game for 10 years. Right now we are changing to СS:GO and I will be convincing myself that I shall enjoy this game too, but I do not know if that works out or not. I'd like to say the following to our fans: CS:GO is completely new game which is very different to CS 1.6. We will have new tournaments, triumphant victories and saddening losses here. It is very important to me to feel the support of our sincere fans that have been supporting us for years. I can't even imagine if we could get these achievements without you... That's why stay with us and let's conquer the world now in CS:GO!))"


You will be able to follow all the up and downs in our CS:GO experience via players' first person streams. The links are available at the bottom of the press-release.


Players' First Person streams:


Stream by Markeloff
Stream by ceh9

Stream by starix
Stream by Zeus
Stream by Edward

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