Natus Vincere will boycott OSPL Autumn 2

imageTeam image Natus Vincere will boycott image OSPL Autumn 2011 and is not going to attend DotA tournament held in Almaty, Kazakhstan on November 19-20th. The decision derives from tournament organizers' decision to establish additional participation fee for certain local teams.

Comment by Natus Vincere CEO, image Alexander «ZeroGravity» Kokhanovskyy:

Na`Vi fully supports and Gosu teams and do not encourage the decision to lift the registration fee for these teams. We understand that this is a private tournament and it is organized according to your own rules, but it is just a pure joke to make registration fee as high as 2000$.

Should tournament organizers listen to the community and cancels this rule, image Na`Vi.DotA will attend image OSPL Autumn 2011 in Kazakhstan right after image World DotA Championship tournament.

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#1 9 November 2011, 10:00
How sad, was looking forward to those games :/
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