Natus Vincere opens League of Legends di

image Natus Vincere continues its gaming expanse and after two successful years in operation today we are glad to announce an opening of our League of Legends division. image Na`Vi.LoL is formed around five skilled and experienced players from Europe that are known in the scene as:


  • image Philipp "SAND" Bennek
  • image Alvar "Araneae" Martin
  • image Victor "CitizenWayne" Toll
  • image Rasmus Zulow "nesrilaS" Pedersen
  • image Anthony "Antogyn" Giniers


Currently the team is playing in IPL 4, Go4LoL, 4pl tournaments as well as planning to attend MSI Nvidia Trophy event. With the support of image Natus Vincere and its sponsors, the team will also compete in various LAN events including next Intel Extreme Challenge season and some not currently announced events. New bootcamp place in Kiev, Ukraine, will help our players to prepare for the upcoming events in the most efficient way and we will be able to provide you with the most updated exclusive video content about our new squad.


Comment by image Na`Vi.LOL player, image Phillip "SAND" Bennek:


We are really happy that we found with NaVi the prefect home for us. Navi is doing a great job in esports for quite some time now and their teams are the best of the best. Therefore we are really proud that NaVi gave us the chance to play under there flag. I hope we will follow the big footsteps of their DotA and CS teams and achieve some great success in future tournaments


image Alvar "Araneae" Martin statement:


Im really happy about joining Na'Vi, they have the best teams in Dota2 and CS. That also motivated me to become the best team on League of Legends aswell. I think we have a really nice team with really nice persons/players in terms of skill + attitude, so it wont be hard to become better and better.


image Victor "CitizenWayne" Toll had the following to say:


Since I have the highest hopes in our team and believe we can achieve really big things together,I am very happy that we found an organisation as great and successful as Na'Vi. Joining Na'Vi means beeing in one team with the strongest players in the wolrd and we definitely plan on living up to the expectations that come with this. We have to thank the management for the warm welcome and im not planning on disappointing one of the greatest communities in the world :). Thanks for having us, I'll wear the name with pride.


We hope that you are as excited as we are with the new gaming squad so support our boys and stay tuned for updates and LoL-related content!.


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